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Twin Peek

Hey everyone,

Today we’re excited to reveal another addition to the Outlaw clan, Errol and Orla! And you guessed it, these two come as a pair!

This troublesome twosome makes up the latest Commander in the upcoming free DLC, alongside the already unveiled burly Commander Wulfar and new units – the Thief and Rifleman (and more to be revealed)! 

The twins have two Grooves between them, but share a single Groove Meter. With feisty Orla on the attack and thoughtful Errol defending, this dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with. Carefully choosing which Groove to unleash depending on the state of the battle will be key to maximising the twins’ potential, although being typical siblings they often bicker on which Groove is best.

Errol would argue that his groove ‘Cooling Water’ has the best applications. Once activated, a large area is covered with healing magic, shrinking in size over several turns. Any units left in the area at the start of the twins’ turn are healed for 20% of their full health, so be careful not to accidentally heal enemy units!

Orla would tell you that her groove, ‘Scorching Fire’ is the better of the two. Initially igniting only a single tile, the flaming area grows in size over several turns – creating an area of destruction that instantly defeats any unit caught in the flames. And we really mean any unit, including your own.


We’ll be sharing even more details about the *free* DLC soon! If you’re in the London area next week, we’ll be showing off the new content at EGX 2019 over at the Chucklefish stand in the Rezzed Area, along with plenty other awesome Chucklefish games. The Wargroove team will be there in person, so if you’re attending be sure to say hello and get a sneak peek. If you want to chat with us online and share thoughts about the latest Wargroove news you can find us on the Wargroove Discord.

We’ll be streaming the DLC soon as well – so make sure to follow us on twitch to get notified when we do! You can also follow updates about the DLC and Wargroove in general on Twitter, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

Bye for now!

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