What is your battle strategy?

Where do you call home?

What do you fight for?

Who do you call friends?

What would you wear for a party?

What is your ideal day out?

How do you decorate your room?

What is your approach to homework?

What's your favourite story genre?

What's your ideal holiday destination?

What Faction are you?

You got... Floran! You're not really sure where you came from, but amongst the trees and lush grass lands of Aurania you feel quite at home. You generally describe yourself as rather peaceful and carefree, after all, battling is just a game, right? Except, that is, when someone threatens your Tribe - then the hunt beginssss...

You got... Felheim! Some might accuse you of being ruthlessly cold-hearted, but they are just jealous of your power as a Commander of the Felheim Legion. You prefer to see yourself as competitive, never willing to back down on a fight. You may feel most at home amongst the lost souls of your undead army, but that's okay, skeletons need friends too.

You got... Heavensong! You're dedicated to both your family and the Empire. Ingenuitive and ever confident on the battlefield, even in the trickiest of situations, you always find a clever solution to get yourself out of a tight spot! Never underestimate a Commander of the Heavensong Empire.

You got... Cherrystone! You're known by your friends as 'the dependable one', a trust-worthy type, loyal to those you care about. You're a deep thinker, using your knowledge to your strategic advantage. Your only real flaw is your tendency to get distracted by petting dogs in need of belly rubs! Who can really blame you for that?

You got... Outlaws! You're rough and ready and nothing is gonna hold you back! Some people might call you amoral, but they're just a bunch of conformists, what do they know? The people that understand you are the ones worth your time. You have their back and they've got yours.

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