The Four Factions: Knight

Happy Wednesday! This week I’d like to show off one of the strongest ground units in Wargroove. Upon a trusted steed, here comes the Knight!

The Knight has an excellent movement range whilst dealing a lot of damage, making it a very dangerous unit to ignore. Its passive ability gives it a damage bonus if it moves its max range before attacking, meaning that a well positioned Knight is able to charge in and make quick work of many unit types.

Whilst it is effective against most unit types, the comparatively cheaper Spearman unit can do a surprising amount of damage against the Knight, and the winged Harpy can also become a real obstacle for them.

The Knight is always identifiable by their steed and giant lance. So, uh, what is that Floran riding? It kind of looks familiar.

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Strategic Design

G’day everybody!
In my first post I mentioned that I’d like to share a bit of what I was working on, so I thought I could touch upon that today. Wargroove is coming along at a great pace, and it’s been a real privilege to be taking part in its development. Initially I came on board to help with some sound work, but I’ve since gotten to take a big role in the game’s map design too, utilising the incredibly robust editor that Rodrigo has put together.

It’s been an interesting challenge, changing up my design process from my dungeon work on Starbound. It’s easy to underestimate how much of a difference could be made to the balance of a given mission, just by tweaking a few small things. For instance, one faction starting with just one or two more units, even the weakest ones, can easily determine whether a player easily trounces the AI, or if they end up in a fierce struggle where any mistake can cost them dearly. Discovering all of these variables as tools of design has been a lot of fun, and I’ve been putting them to careful use to achieve my desired results.

As far as my sound work, the process has ended up being quite similar to my time working on Starbound. If I’m lucky, getting something to sound right is easy. In the vast majority of cases it’s not. That said, when I wrap up one of the tougher sound tasks and end up with a satisfying result, it’s one of the best feelings! Here’s a quick taste of the Ballista attacking a Balloon unit, which you may remember from their reveal last year.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my own efforts as a member of the Wargroove team. Have a good one folks!

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Music Spotlight – Dancing Crane

G’day everybody!
A couple of weeks ago I was able to share Ragna’s theme with all of you, as composed by the very talented Phonetic Hero. I’m delighted that today I’m able to share another of his works. This is the theme for Tenri, the dancing crane empress of the Heavensong, who was formally revealed earlier this month. Enjoy!

 Come back tomorrow for a look at what I’ve been working on!

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Music Spotlight – Patchwork Valkyrie

G’day everybody!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the incredibly talented Phonetic Hero on board with this project. Over the past few months he’s been bringing an assortment of catchy tunes – tunes that we’ve frequently found ourselves humming around the office – for every commander in the game.

Some of you may already have heard his work, as featured in our announcement trailer last year, and he’s continued to impress us with both quality and variety. Speaking for myself, I’ve been so excited about where the soundtrack is going, that it’s been agonizing not being able to share the progress sooner!

Luckily, today I’ve been given the go ahead to share with you a sample of Phonetic Hero’s work. This is the theme of the Felheim commander, Ragna; the patchwork valkyrie of the undead legions.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can share another of these great tracks, and maybe tell you a bit about what I’ve been working on in a future post. Until then, take care folks!

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Commander Spotlight – Tenri

The Heavensong Empire is region of culture and beauty, guarded by a diligent army of masked warriors. In a land beset by shambling skeletons and monstrous plant people, there are few leaders as determined to protect their people as the Empress Tenri.

In the wake of King Mercival II’s death she has lost an ally, and is now more determined than ever to protect her people from the rising threats throughout the land. Often described as coldly professional in public appearances, she has a softer side when it comes to those closest to her – particularly her young inventor son. She harbours a particular hatred for the Felheim Legion, for as a child she witnessed her mother’s death at the hands of its previous leader.


In battle, Tenri attacks with a dizzying strike from her fans. It would be wise to not make an enemy of her…

Keen-eyed followers will notice that an earlier version of Tenri appeared in our announcement trailer with a different name. We felt this name fit her better!

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The Four Factions: Dog

We’ve come to the end of our month of faction units! We’ve saved the most adorable for last – consider it a late Christmas present from us here at Chucklefish. It’s the Dog unit!

Dogs are a useful unit – they are cheap and can deal a surprising amount of damage, but are also quite fragile. Along with their high movement range, they are particularly well suited to first strike attacks. Their passive bonus also allows them to hunt in “packs” – if there is another allied Dog adjacent to your target then you’ll receive a damage bonus. Just don’t try to attack vehicles – they aren’t well suited for that.

Whether they are clad in armour or are missing bits of their flesh, one thing remains the same – the Dog unit is always a good boy.


This has been fun, Wargroove fans! I hope we can see you all in 2018! In the mean time, follow us on Twitter and have a great New Year!

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The Four Factions: Spearman

It’s week three in our month of unit spotlights! We’re going to take a look at the Spearman unit!

What sets the Spearman apart from the Soldier, you might ask? Those spears give them a particular advantage over attacking beasts, so the Spearman can hold its own against Dogs and the much more expensive Knight. Their passive ability gives them a damage increase when positioned alongside another Spearman, giving them strength in numbers. A Spearman wall can be a formidable defense!

No matter what faction they belong to, the Spearman can always be identified by their crouching, spear-ready stance. They kind of look like they’re playing a sweet guitar solo, don’t they?

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The Four Factions: Archer

For the second week in our month of unit spotlights, we’re going to take a look at the Archer unit!

We’ve previously talked about our reasons for introducing the Archer. They are the only ground unit that can move and attack at a distance in the same turn, while still being able to capture structures like other footsoldiers. As well as this, although Ballistae and Trebuchets aren’t able to counter-attack, Archers are! Whilst they typically don’t do a great amount of damage, their passive boost occurs if they attack without moving, so you might instead want to position them as sentries!

If you see approaching troops with long hoods and bows in hand, you’re almost certainly up against Archers – watch out for their long ranged attacks!

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The Four Factions: Soldier

Hey, everyone! As we approach to the end of the year, we thought it would be nice to show off how some of the units look across all four of Wargroove‘s factions. Every week this December we’ll have a new blog post spotlighting another unit type, so stay tuned!

Whilst the Cherrystone Kingdom and Felheim Legion factions have appeared extensively in our launch trailer and development streams, the Heavensong Empire and Floran Tribes have only been briefly teased. We’re excited to be able to show them off in greater detail!

The Soldier is the cheapest unit type in Wargroove, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful. Soldiers have better movement range than many ground units, are able to capture structures, and their low cost means that they can be safe and cost-efficient to produce in great numbers. Their passive ability also increases their damage when adjacent to their Commander, which means that with the right amount of strategic foresight, they can be a force to be reckoned with!

Whether they’re undead, hidden behind a golden mask or even a terrifying plant-like predator, the soldier is always identifiable by their sword and shield.


Come back next week to see more units, and follow us on Twitter to get even more sneak peeks at things to come!

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Make Your Own Adventure!

In a previous article, we’ve discussed how you can easily create scenarios and chain them together on campaigns. Yesterday, we did a live stream on Twitch, showcasing how you can make interesting and dynamic scenarios in Wargroove using “triggers”. Some of the things you can make with this are:

  • Custom story-driven missions, with sub-quests, plot twists, ambushes, and hidden secrets
  • Unique game modes, with their own mechanics and win/lose conditions
  • Change some of the rules of the game without needing to resort to modding
  • Have players make decisions that affect the outcome of this AND of future missions (if you’re making a campaign)
  • …and many other things! Remember that this is the tool that we ourselves are using to make the campaigns of Wargroove, so expect to be able to do anything you’d expect to see in the campaign of a game of this genre!

In this article, we’re going to look at what scripting a map in Wargroove looks like!

It might be enlightening to consider an example, so let’s come up with something. We want to make a scenario where Mercia has to travel across a road and reach the end of the map. However, along the path lies an ambush. How can we achieve this?

First, we make our test map.

Now we can use the location tool to draw a few relevant areas: the destination, the area where Mercia triggers the ambush, and the locations where the enemies spawn during the ambush.

Next, we’re going to set up a win condition, and the ambush event. Both of those things are done by using “triggers”. Triggers are, fundamentally, a series of scriptable actions that execute on the map when certain conditions are fulfilled. Our objective here is to give users as much power as possible, but not at the cost of being easy to understand, learn, and use.

Our first trigger will be the winning condition. We want Player 1 to win if Mercia reaches the end location. So we create a trigger, give it to Player 1 only, and add a condition to it… looking through the list, “Unit Presence” seems to do what we want, and we configure it as such: “Does the Current Player have at least 1 of Commander at Destination?”. Next, we need an action to happen when this trigger happens. In this case, “Victory” will do, with “Give victory to Current Player”. All done for that!

Next, we want to set up the ambush. On this event, we want to give the player a way to avoid triggering it – maybe by capturing a village in another area of the map, or by donating some money to some locals who will advice you on it? For the purposes of setting up this trigger, what we need is a “Flag”, that determines whether the ambush is still active. Flags can be in one of two states, either true or false. We’ll create the flag on the “true” state (so the ambush can happen), and maybe later a different trigger can set it to “false” (spoiling the ambush).

Now we can set up the trigger itself. Again, we want it limited to Player 1. The conditions are straightforward: “Does Player 1 have at least 1 of Commander at AmbushTrigger?”. We also want to check if the “AmbushActive” flag is still active. If all is well, then we’ll want to spawn an enemy soldier, an enemy dog, and play a cutscene, so that’s three actions: “Spawn Soldier at AmbushSpawn for Player2”, “Spawn Dog at AmbushSpawn for Player2” and “Play cutscene AmbushCutscene”.

Let’s have a quick look at what it’s like in the game:

By adding more triggers, or modifying the existing ones, you can make the map more sophisticated. For example, you could set up something that will set that flag to false, like our aforementioned example of capturing a village. You can set up the map so people on the map give you mini quests, you can introduce new rules and victory conditions to the game, and you can carry over results from one map to another in the campaign with flags that span across the campaign.

As you’ve gathered from the gifs above, there are many other conditions and actions that I haven’t even described today, and more are certain to be added before release. Together, they’ll enable you to make really interesting and complex maps, without needing to resort to mods or programming skills! We’re very excited to see what the community can come up using this tool!

The Wargroove map editor will be available on all platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4), including full support for all the features outlined in this article. The gifs here are using a mouse, but the UI has been carefully designed to work equally well on a gamepad – we’ll write more about the UI of Wargroove in a future article! Lastly, it’s worth remembering that you’ll be able to go online and share the content created with this map editor with friends and other players!

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