Introducing… Double Trouble!

Hi everyone, we have another exciting Dev Blog today!

It’s been a pleasure working on Wargroove these past few years – thanks in no small part to our amazingly passionate community who’ve been encouraging throughout development and beyond. As a thank you for all your love and support we’re proud to bring you ‘Wargroove: Double Trouble’, a free (yes, free!) DLC coming to all supported platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One). Let’s get into it!

Wait, what’s this Double Trouble DLC all about?

Wargroove: Double Trouble is designed with co-op play in mind, adding a new story campaign that introduces 3 new Outlaw Commanders; the mighty Wulfar, troublemaker twins Errol and Orla, as well as the maleficent Vesper (seen below – more info about Vesper soon). After an unexpected kidnapping and some severe ransom demands, your group of rogues have no choice but to perform the biggest heist that Aurania has ever seen…

Wargroove: Double Trouble introduces:

  • A brand new Co-Op Story Campaign (can be played couch co-op, online co-op or even solo)
  • 3 New Roguish Commanders 
  • 2 New Units – Thieves & Riflemen!
  • New Arcade missions
  • Competitive online Quick Play maps, including some of the community’s most competitive maps as voted for by the Groove of War team
  • Public and Private Multiplayer Lobbies – you can now also play custom campaigns online!
  • New Volcano map theme and more updates to the custom Editor tools
  • Outlaw music tracks, composed by Phonetic Hero
  • And more!

But what exactly are the new Editor tools?
Wargroove: Double Trouble will give you more control than ever over your custom maps, campaigns and cutscenes:

  • Unit Modifiers – We’re enabling players to modify the damage that any unit/structure receives as a percentage, including making them invulnerable. We’re also looking into a teleport unit action for the editor.
  • Metalocations -We’re adding support for ‘metalocations’ which indicate where things last happened on the map, for example the last attacker, last defender, last recruit, last unit used, last movement path, last death etc. There will also be new actions for locations, such as copying a location area, moving location by (x,y), and boolean operations between locations.
  • Gizmos – New place-able entities with an on and off state such as levers and chests. Using gizmos you can override terrain (e.g. draw bridges) and will also be able to enter new actions to set and toggle the gizmo state, as well as new conditions to check it.
  • Counters – We’re adding new actions to perform arithmetic between counters as well as setting the counter to random value, and load/storing counter values to some other variables (HP, Groove etc.). There’s also a new condition to compare counters.
  • Actions can now play sounds
  • Map upload slots will also be increased so players can upload more maps at once.
  • Volcano biomes now available in the map builder for all your lava needs.

Balance Changes

Last but not least, this update also includes balance adjustments to a number of units and Commanders:

  • Spearmen – Cost increased 150 => 250 gold
  • Dogs – Cost decreased 200 => 150 gold
  • Amphibians – Damage vs structures reduced, crit damage now 45-55 => 35-45
  • Amphibians – Cost increased 250 => 350 gold
  • Trebuchets = Cost increased 900 => 1000
  • Balloons – Cost decreased 500 => 450
  • Balloons – Can now only carry the same units as wagons
  • Harpies – Minimum base damage vs structures 45% => 50%
  • Koji – Drones now take 50% damage from all units instead of 800% damage
  • Sedge – Sadistic rush charge speed, very slow => slow
  • Tenri – Tornado charge speed, medium => slow
  • “M” (secret Commander) – Groove charge speed, slow => medium
  • Ryota – Blade dash charge speed, medium => fast
  • Ryota – Blade dash now starts at 50% commander damage
  • Ryota – Blade dash now increases in damage by 5% commander damage per “jump” on blade dash route.
  • Ryota – Can now dash through neutral structures
  • Commander – Minimum base damage vs soldiers 95% => 115%
  • Commander – Minimum base damage vs spearmen 65% => 75%
  • Critical hits no longer increase RNG damage range. All damage is max +/- 5%, even after crit
  • Killing non unit summons (vines, crystals, etc) will no longer build groove

Phew, there you have it! TL;DR Wargroove: Double Trouble is the name of our upcoming free DLC introducing a brand new co-op enabled campaign, new Commanders, public & private multiplayer lobbies, a whole suite of editor tool updates, balance changes + much more.. Wargroove: Double Trouble is currently in the final testing phase, so once it’s passed submissions we’ll be revealing a release date and an exciting new trailer!

Don’t forget that the Wargroove Deluxe Edition physical is coming to stores later this month on October 29th for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, so make sure you get pre-order soon! The Deluxe Edition includes a physical cart/disc copy of the game, a downloadable version of the Wargroove soundtrack by Phonetic Hero and Boss Battle Records, a Commander sprite sticker sheet, a poster map of Aurania (Outlaw version!), a mini Strategy Manual with stats and tips on all units (available in English, French, Italian, German & Spanish) as well as a reversible coversheet!

We will be streaming a first look at Double Trouble tomorrow via the ChucklefishLive Twitch channel, so make sure to follow us there for a notification when we go live. If you’re in the UK come visit us at EGX London this week where we’ll be giving visitors a chance to get hands-on with the new content over at the Chucklefish stand in the Rezzed area. You can also follow updates about Wargroove: Double Trouble and Wargroove in general on Twitter, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

Bye for now!

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Twin Peek

Hey everyone,

Today we’re excited to reveal another addition to the Outlaw clan, Errol and Orla! And you guessed it, these two come as a pair!

This troublesome twosome makes up the latest Commander in the upcoming free DLC, alongside the already unveiled burly Commander Wulfar and new units – the Thief and Rifleman (and more to be revealed)! 

The twins have two Grooves between them, but share a single Groove Meter. With feisty Orla on the attack and thoughtful Errol defending, this dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with. Carefully choosing which Groove to unleash depending on the state of the battle will be key to maximising the twins’ potential, although being typical siblings they often bicker on which Groove is best.

Errol would argue that his groove ‘Cooling Water’ has the best applications. Once activated, a large area is covered with healing magic, shrinking in size over several turns. Any units left in the area at the start of the twins’ turn are healed for 20% of their full health, so be careful not to accidentally heal enemy units!

Orla would tell you that her groove, ‘Scorching Fire’ is the better of the two. Initially igniting only a single tile, the flaming area grows in size over several turns – creating an area of destruction that instantly defeats any unit caught in the flames. And we really mean any unit, including your own.


We’ll be sharing even more details about the *free* DLC soon! If you’re in the London area next week, we’ll be showing off the new content at EGX 2019 over at the Chucklefish stand in the Rezzed Area, along with plenty other awesome Chucklefish games. The Wargroove team will be there in person, so if you’re attending be sure to say hello and get a sneak peek. If you want to chat with us online and share thoughts about the latest Wargroove news you can find us on the Wargroove Discord.

We’ll be streaming the DLC soon as well – so make sure to follow us on twitch to get notified when we do! You can also follow updates about the DLC and Wargroove in general on Twitter, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

Bye for now!

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Gunfights, Heists & Everything Nice

Hey folks!

Last week we had the pleasure of introducing you to our upcoming Commander, Wulfar, the Chieftain of the Outlaws. Today we’ll be introducing two brand new units coming to Wargroove – the Thief and Rifleman! We’ll be revealing more details on what’s included in the upcoming *free* DLC soon…

Outlaw! What law?

The Thief is sneakiest unit in the game. What they lack in strength, they more than make up with cunning and sleight of hand. Thieves can fill their knapsacks with 300 gold by ransacking enemy buildings, and 1000 gold if they manage to pull off a heist on the enemy Stronghold.

Thieves can’t do this alone though! Since they’re unable to attack, they’ll need reinforcements, subterfuge and protection as they journey across the map. Let it be said that opportunity makes a thief!


The Long Ranger

A Rifleman spends their whole life training to become an expert marksman – watch out, you don’t want to be in this unit’s line of sight, lest you be blown across the map! But with limited ammo, comes great responsibility, as you’ll need to keep track of how many shots your Rifleman has left to avoid stopping to reload out in the open.

Of course, not just a pretty face, a Rifleman can be deadly when they’re desperate, landing critical hits when they’re down to their last shot.

If you’re going up against this gun-wielding unit, make sure to take cover between the trees, where their bullets won’t reach you. 

We’ll be sharing even more details about the *free* DLC soon! Also, if you’re in the London area, we’ll be showing off the new content at EGX 2019 over at the Chucklefish stand in the Rezzed Area, along with plenty other awesome Chucklefish games. The Wargroove team will be there in person, so if you’re attending be sure to say hello and get a sneak peek. If you want to chat with us online and share thoughts about the latest Wargroove news you can find us on the Wargroove Discord.

We’ll be streaming the DLC soon as well – so make sure to follow us on twitch to get notified when we do! You can also follow updates about the DLC and Wargroove in general on Twitter, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

Until next time!

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Hammer Time

Hello everyone,

We teased a reveal a few days ago, and as some of you correctly guessed it’s a new Commander which will be available in the upcoming Wargroove DLC! We can’t share all the DLC details, but we can confirm it’ll be available very soon – and will be completely *free* for anyone who owns the base game!!

Meet Wulfar, an Outlaw Chief. Anyone who’s played through the game’s main campaign should familiar with units from the Outlaw faction – but our heroes have never encountered an Outlaw commander!

Wulfar is the Chief of the largest and oldest Outlaw clan in Aurania. He stands enormously tall and uses his colossal strength to wield his weapon of choice – a massive stone hammer. It may seem a clumsy instrument, but years of training allow him to wield it with expert precision.

He comes from a long line of pirates and thieves – and uses his flexibility and adaptability to overcome opponents in battle. Though many are intimidated by his towering physique, Wulfar’s strong resolve, quick thinking, and clever problem solving are the reasons his Outlaw clan follows him.

Wulfar’s groove uses his hammer like a supercharged golf club, launching his target across the map, dealing damage to both the target and any enemies they land near. With one fell swoop of the hammer, Wulfar can launch ground units into the ocean to immediately defeat them or swing at allies to reposition them during battle.

We’ll be sharing more details about the DLC over the next few weeks! If you’re in the London area, we’ll be showing off the new content at EGX 2019! We’ll be there in person talking to players, so if you’re attending be sure to say hello and get a sneak peak. If you want to chat with us online and share thoughts about the latest Wargroove news you can find us on the Wargroove Discord.

We’ll be streaming the DLC soon as well – so make sure to follow us on twitch to get notified when we do!

You can follow updates about the DLC and Wargroove in general on Twitter, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

Till next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #14

Hello everyone!

The seasons are changing, we thought we’d try to grab onto some of that summer sunshine and heat with custom Desert maps! We’ve asked the community to create, submit, and vote on their favorites.

Let’s check them out!

1. Battle for the Ruined Oasis by Nathan – Code: APRBYEGW

This wasn’t actually submitted, but a community map we found browsing the map editor! It’s a simple symmetrical map, with a center section which splits the map. Fog of war adds another layer of strategy to this 2 player tussle.

2. Income War V2.0 by VALAZ45 – Code: ZKYGA4E7

An older community map with a unique control style! Each player has a villager on the right side of the map. They take turns and move their villager to an arrow tile to spend money and purchase units. Then the player bought units have a turn on the battle field where they’re controlled by the AI. This map makes what units you purchase extra important, since the actual field movement is being done by the game not the player.

3. Urban Development V1.1 by TheHauntedLibrary – Code: 2JETJHEQ

The community choice winner for this theme is TheHauntedLibrary with their map titled ‘Urban Development’. In this balanced 2 player map severe weather limits ranged ground units effectiveness. The twist is that each village captured becomes a stronghold, so as each player expands they’ll add increasing points of vulnerability.

That’s it for this spotlight.

We’ve also got some very exciting news we’ll be sharing soon, for now we’ll leave you wondering…who could this be?

Till next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #13

Hello everyone!

We had some really cool entries for this theme from players participating in the public Modding Beta. Some have codes (if the mods are vanilla compatible) but others don’t – we’ve included links to all the mods used if you see something you’d like to try out yourself!

For details on how to join and test the modding beta check out the blog post.

Let’s get into it – here are the maps!

1. Vulcanic Lair by DasIrrlicht – Code: VZWZN4HQ

Mods used : Expanded Terrain (nexusmods)
In this map you’ll need use a Heavensong commander and forces to take the wall and castle and kill the necromancer. Winning requires fighting past the enemies at the choke-points, securing the area and then pressing into the castle itself. If you come too close to the walls, the gates will open in the enemy camp, so be careful where your troops stand…

2. Fractured Isle 1.42 by Unicarn54 – Code: GXPCBAZM

Mods used : Expanded Terrain (nexusmods), Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents (nexusmods)
This is a rotational 1v1 map that integrates land and naval. The Expanded Terrain allows beach bridges and makes flagstone more visible by placing the flagstone underneath roads and by using tricks with flagstone underneath plains tiles. Using Ophelia’s “Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents” mod allowed the creator to place a vine in this skirmish map.

This map can be played with a vanilla client because all assets are vanilla.

3. Med Station Forest by VALAZ45

Mods used : Med Station (nexusmods)
This 4 player map is setup for 2v2 play. The mod used, “Med Station”, adds a new building which heals any units placed nearby it. Because this mod includes new custom assets it’s only available to play in the modding beta branch right now.

4. Gold Rush by Ekudeht

Mods used : Age of Wargroove (nexusmods)
The community choice winner for this theme is Ekudeht with their map titled ‘Gold Rush’. It features a mod called ‘Age of Wargroove’ which adjusts gameplay to more closely mirror Age of Empires or Warcraft. It features modified rules, commander equipment, villagers who can mine gold, and shops which restock every 5 turns.

That’s it for this spotlight. If you’re making desert maps this week, make sure to submit your designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the Community Choice Award winner next time! Don’t forget to upvote your favorite!

Till next time!

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Let’s Get Physical!

Hi everyone!

We know a lot of you have been requesting it, so we have some awesome news for you today… Wargroove will be getting it’s very own physical release on October 29, 2019! That’s right, you’ll be able to walk into a shop, and hold Wargroove in your very own hands! (You could even buy it and play it at home if you want).

We’ve teamed up with the folks at Sold Out to release a retail version of Wargroove on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, called the ‘Wargroove Deluxe Edition‘. What makes it so deluxe I hear you ask? This physical ‘Deluxe Edition’ will include:

  • Physical disc/cartridge copy of the game
  • Downloadable version of the Wargroove Soundtrack by Phonetic Hero and Boss Battle Records
  • Commander sprite sticker sheet
  • Poster map of Aurania
  • Mini Strategy Manual with stats & tips on all units (available in English, French, Italian, German & Spanish)
  • Reversible coversheet – it’s a clean version of the key art without all those messy logos, but complete with standard spine so that it still looks normal on your shelf!

Wargroove ‘Deluxe Edition’ will be hitting good ol’ brick and mortar stores October 29! It will SRP for £19.99 / $29.99 / €29.99 on PS4 and £29.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 on Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order at select locations and online (eg Amazon).

We’re incredibly excited to be working with Sold Out on a full retail release. This will be the very first time an in-house Chucklefish game will receive a physical version, so it truly feels like hitting a new milestone in our journey as an indie developer.

We hope you’ll support the physical launch on release, and will keep you posted once an official release date for both versions has been fixed.

Bye for now!

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Community Maps Spotlight #12

Happy Friday everyone!

Another exciting week for Wargroove! Players were finally able to start testing the much-awaited Modding Beta. We’ll be testing it for a bit in the beta branch to ensure there are no issues, so feel free to opt in if you’re curious and want to make some custom content!

For all the details be sure to check out the recent modding beta blog post.

Onto the maps!! We’ve got some good ones this week!

1. Tenri the Dog Catcher by Xer – Code: JKSUW373

In this unconventional battle players use Tenri’s groove to move a wagon and pickup stray dogs. After rounding dogs up they must be placed in a safe tower. This map uses some really creative groove mechanics and unit positioning – and who doesn’t love more dogs!!

2. The Island 1.4 by Val-Vador – Code: UZZTZ9B4

The Island is a map designed for 2v2 team play. It has a mix of air, land, and naval resources – so players must work together to coordinate against their opponents team!

3. Alpine Assault by bengui – Code: L9NE4XKS

Another symmetrical map – this one is called Alpine Assault and designed for 1v1. It requires a players recruit a variety of units in order to effectively take control of the map.

Finally, our Community Choice Award winner, as voted by players on the Wargroove subreddit:

Community Choice Award: TinyGroove Campaign v7 by ‘Derek’ – Code: ASJMUHB7

TinyGroove is an entire campaign, where the maps get increasingly larger as you progress as Dark Mercia in an alternate version of Aurania. Initially maps start off quite small! The campaign developer has published seven updates so far, and maintains a wiki to outline all the details and changes made to it! There are dozens of super detailed maps to play, side quests, unit upgrades, 15 commanders to recruit, and 30 unique achievements – this one can really take up some play time!

We’d featured this campaign a few months ago in Community Spotlight #8, but there’s been some big improvements since then! If you enjoyed it before you might want to give the newest version a look!

That’s it for today. If you’re making maps this weekend, make sure to submit your designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the Community Choice Award winner next time! For the next spotlight we’re asking for community made maps which have been modded using the creation tools in the new beta. Even if you’re not playing the beta, it’ll be a great way to see some new content players have created and injected into the game – don’t forget to upvote your favorite!

Have a great weekend!

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PC Modding Beta now live!

Hello everyone!

Today we’re doing a public beta of a long awaited PC feature, modding! We’ve been testing it ourselves, but as you are all much more creative than us, we’d really like your help to break it as much as possible while creating cool mods!

How do I access the beta?

Good question! First of all – back up your save files

Next, you’ll find the beta is available on Steam by using a beta branch. In your Steam library, right-click on the Wargroove entry and select “Properties”. In the “Betas” tab, you should see a drop down and a textbox. In the textbox, enter the password ‘caesarisagoodboy’ and click “Check Code”.

If the code has worked, you should be able to select the ‘public-beta’ option from the drop down box. Once you’ve done that, Steam should install the beta and you’re ready to go!

How do I make a mod?

I’ve written a document to help you get started, which you can find on the Wargroove wiki! (Is this document just a thinly veiled attempt to get my dog more Instagram followers? Answer: yes). In addition, we’ve created a few little examples that you can find by following the file path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wargroove\modpacker_bin

How do I share a mod?

Once you’ve created your mod, it should have put itself in your Wargroove appdata folder. You can probably find this at %appdata%/Chucklefish/Wargroove/mods. Copy the folder with your mod name on it and send it to a friend! They just put the folder in the same spot in their appdata folder.

How do I use a mod?

  • Custom Maps

If you want to create a modded map, go into a custom map and open the main menu. Hit the branch new “Mods” button, and you should see a list of your installed mods.

Just flip the switch for the ones you want to use and change the ordering if you need to. Hit “Save and Reload Map”. This should reload your map with the mods on. The “Add to Mod” button is for packaging maps within a mod, and you can read about it in the document linked in the “How do I make a mod?” section.

  • Local Multiplayer

If you want to use a mod in a map that already exists, go to local multiplayer and select the map. In the “Match Settings” window, hit the “Mods” button, and you should see a list of your installed mods. Flip the switches for the mods you want to use and change the ordering if you need to.

Hit close when you’re done and you should be using your mods!

Online Multiplayer

The only modded maps that can be used in online multiplayer are maps that have been packaged within a mod. All players must have the same version of the mod installed. If you do, when you go to host a game you should see the modded map available. Anyone with the same version of the mod installed can join the game like normal.

Will console versions receive modding tools?

Unfortunately not – this is a platform restriction we don’t have control over, so modding tools are a PC only feature. Console players will not be able to access any custom content or join any online matches which use PC mods, and instead will see an error message. 

I have more questions!

I’ll be on the Wargroove discord today to answer questions, and I’ll be available as long as I’m near my computer!

Something is broken! How can I report it?

First of all, thank you! We’ve set up a forum post to collect feedback HERE. You can also post on discord, but please post on the forum as well so that it doesn’t get lost!

Happy modding!

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v1.3.0/1 Out Today! (Korean, new features & bugfixes)


Today we’re launching patch v1.3.0/v1.3.1 across all platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4) which will primarily introduce Korean as a playable language. Thanks to our friends at Shloc for working on the Korean localisation!

This patch also contains a few new features and lays the foundation for PC mod support. Also included are some bugfixes, which you can find details of in the Version History section of the wiki – warning, version history includes some spoilers. Here’s the full breakdown of the new features added in the latest patch:

Added Features:

  • Add ‘delete progress’ option to the campaign menu for downloaded Campaigns
  • Add hotkey to change Players in Map Editor; users can now use Spacebar to toggle between players when placing units. [PC Only]
  • Add ‘Duplicate’ to Triggers, Flags, Counters, Conditions and Actions in Event Editor
  • Removed Weather from Quick Play
  • Added Korean support

PC players will also be excited to know that we’re planning to start the PC mod beta next week. We’ll let you know more information and how you can gain access the beta once we have a specific date set, so keep those eyes peeled!

We’ll be doing an AMA on r/PS4 today at 6pm UK time (that’s 10am PT / 1pm ET) so do join us and ask away!

Lastly, don’t forget to submit your map designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to claim the next Community Choice Award winner! If mapmaking isn’t your thing, you can also show your support to fellow community members by voting for your favourite by upvoting their post on the thread.

감사드리며 재미있게 즐기시길 바랍니다! Chucklefish 개발진 올림.

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