Community Maps Spotlight #34

G’day folks! Lovely to see you all again!

Before we dig into today’s entries, a few of our highlights from the last spotlight have received updates!
* Varis Alpha’s Wargroove remixes got remastered and released as an EP which you can check out here!
* Whargarbl’s map “In Memoriam” got updated to version 1.2, which you can access with the code: LBZ47JMF
* Xmo5’s “Cloak and Dagger” also got a revision, and now is version 1.3.1, which you can grab using: JCYK78CT

With those updates out of the way, let’s get to the new highlights!

Alésia v1.0 by Kokoado

1. Alésia v1.0 by Kokoado – Code: N9QH67JT
Due to the distance from the barracks to the front lines, this map rewards players who are adept at planning ahead. You’ll want to make sure you have some strong anti-air presence if you see your opponent recruit a dragon, since both Strongholds are sitting on roads and are thus very vulnerable to critical strikes from the flying behemoths.

Mt. Hothead by Saltmæster

2. Mt. Hothead by Saltmæster- Code: 67UETSTU
This two-player co-op map puts players in a disadvantageous position as the AI moves quickly to surround and close in on you. Do you attempt to rush the enemy Strongholds? Or do you capture as many villages as you can and attempt to outlast your foes in a war of attrition? I found this an enjoyable challenge where I was nearly toppled on more than one occasion.

Auranian Labyrinth 1.4 by Xmo5

3. Auranian Labyrinth 1.4 by Xmo5 – Code: 3K5NEMZZ
This is a a competitive map that’s been around in some form or another for a quite a long time. Because Xmo5 is so ingrained in the competitive scene, they’ve tweaked and adjusted this level as the competitive meta has shifted. This is the latest iteration of an already great map, so I felt it was high time to shine a light on it here. Give it a go!

Beetle's Brooks v2.72 by justyoureventualruler

4. Beetle’s Brooks v2.72 by justyoureventualruler – Code: XXLFV6PJ
This map’s creator has firmly established themself as someone to watch, with this being their third feature in just four months. This time around they’ve attempted to make this map with competitive play firmly in mind, and it shows. There’s plenty of resources to contend for, and with the mountains and rivers surrounding your barracks, you’ll need to factor in the travel time of your units as you pick your recruits.

Face the Horde: Rivers of Ruin by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made Map – Face the Horde: Rivers of Ruin by Armagon – Code: 52J8J2AN
This is a new single-player entry in my “Face the Horde” series. For those of you who’ve missed them in the past, this is ultimately an endless defence map where you need to last as long as you possibly can, with the bulk of your income coming from killing enemy units. The rivers provide some precious choke points to funnel the enemy through, but can also make it hard for you to push forward if you don’t plan your actions carefully. How many turns can you last?

That’s all for todays entries!
If you’ve made something Wargroove-related that you think deserves to be featured here, you should share it on the Wargroove Discord in the Creative channels! I regularly check those channels for cool stuff to feature, so that’s your best bet for ensuring I’ll see your work. I’ll be back with more highlights next month, so until then you lovely folks stay safe and take care of yourselves!

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Community Maps Spotlight #33

Hello everyone, it’s that time again! I’m here to bring you some of the best maps that have come out of the Wargroove community, along with a fun bonus at the end. Lets jump in!

Cloak and Dagger 1.3 by Xmo5

1. Cloak and Dagger 1.3 by Xmo5 – Code: PUL243ZW
This is one of the most visually striking competitive maps I’ve seen from Xmo5. The flagstone dotting the landscape means you’ll want to play close attention to where your flying units can move as the dense forest and mountains create chokepoints for your ground troops. I found this to be really fun to play with fog-of-war enabled too!

Lash Out by Steinilese

2. Lash Out by Steinilese – Code: 9H9UW2DZ
It’s always a pleasure when I come across a well-made map from a name I’m not yet familiar with. With the strongholds fairly isolated from each player’s recruitment structures, you’ll need to balance your forces between attacking your opponent’s headquarters and defending your own. While the land is where most of the fighting is going to happen, take care not to disregard the surrounding sea lest a well-placed warship lays waste to all your plans.

In Memoriam v1.1 by Whargarbl

3. In Memoriam v1.1 by Whargarbl – Code: 4D2QVNDZ
By contrast to our second entry, Whargarbl is a regularly-featured mapper at this point. True to their usual form, this map is designed with competitive play in mind while using distinct decorations to help make the terrain more readable. You’ll want to make sure you have units ready to defend your Stronghold at any time, since the terrain surrounding each barracks ensures it takes at least a couple of turns for them to reach it.

The Badland Basins by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made Map – The Badland Basins by Armagon – Code: 6LSA63CJ
Since the community is already churning out excellent 1-on-1 maps on a consistent basis, I decided to continue on my train of 4P FFA mapmaking. My goal here was to make a map with high village density around the center to draw everyone in. Controlling the middle can mean a lot of income for you, but you’re also likely to draw the ire of all three of your opponents. Tread carefully!

That’s all for today’s maps, but there’s one last thing!
It’s no secret that we here at Chucklefish are big fans of the Advance Wars series, and that its absence as a franchise is a big part of what inspired us to make Wargroove in the first place. It’s for that reason I couldn’t resist giving a shout out to talented composer Varis Alpha, who recently created a remix of Wargroove’s main theme in the style of our inspirational predecessor.

If you enjoy this remix, Varis Alpha has done several others since Wargroove first launched two years ago, including themes for Mercia, Wulfar, Ragna and some more spoilery stuff you can find on their channel.

It seemed doubly good timing to share Varis’ work given the exciting news of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp coming at the end of the year courtesy of WayForward. As I’m sure you can imagine, we’re very excited to see the franchise make its return after all this time!

In any case, that’s all from me today! I wish you folks all the very best until next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #32

G’day folks! Thanks for joining me for yet another community spotlight! I’ve got a pretty varied selection of creations for you today, so without any further ado, lets get into it!

Groove Composer by Deminobody

1. Groove Composer by Deminobody – Code: 5EVA8UCL
This map uses Wargroove’s event system to create a fully functional sequencer! It allows you to create short musical loops using a variety of sound effects, which is done by positioning units along several rows. The unit type and placement determines what sound plays and when. It’s impressively well-made and you can achieve some pretty cool results!

The Untold Legacy of a Community by Sedgehun

2. Untold Legacy of a Community 2.30 by Sedgehun – Code: H8NV6BKA
This robust campaign acts as a follow-up to the events of the original Wargroove story. The amount of love and effort that was put into it is plain to see, as each mission presents a variety of interesting objectives, each peppered with cutscenes and fun character interactions. Some missions can be incredibly challenging, and often the key to success lies in paying close attention to your surroundings. This is a campaign worth checking out!

Greywall v1.01 by justyoureventualruler

3. Greywall v1.01 by justyoureventualruler – Code: 2ZA6GBTN
It’s no secret that I enjoy smaller scale maps that cram engaging gameplay into their space. This entry does a great job of providing a tense close-quarters conflict as players race to pin down their opponent’s commander or to strike the very-accessible stronghold.

Treeton River v2.1 by BarrettRTS

4. Treeton River v2.1 by BarrettRTS – Code: 5A3QTBXK
On the opposite side of the scale here’s a competitive-oriented map from a veteran of the Groove of War community! The ban on Trebuchets and Rifles allowed them to keep the map particularly open, whilst leaving plenty of roads for wagons and ballista to easily reposition.

The Kindersard Keeps by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made Map – The Kindersard Keeps by Armagon – Code: ENRKGDLD
I still find myself enjoying pumping out four player free-for-all maps, but I wanted to introduce more fortifications in this one! To gain access to your second barracks you’ll need to devote a turn or two to cracking one of those gates open. Meanwhile the gates toward the middle present some interesting choices. You may want to keep them up to make it harder for opponents to move in on your stronghold, or you may want to tear them down to make it easier to move your own units through the center.

That’s all for today! I hope you guys find something you like in this month’s selection. I’ll be back with more next month, so until then you fine folks take care of yourselves and each other.

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Community Maps Spotlight #31

Hello everybody, it’s great to see you! The month of April sure flew by, huh?

Before we dig into today’s entries, one of our picks from a couple of months ago has received an update!
* Whargarbl’s map, “Thieves Den”, got bumped to version 2.45, which you can access with the code: HNCN3HQ5

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the entries for this month!

Tetrahex v1.17 by Sedgehun

1. Tetrahex v1.17 by Sedgehun – Code: Y73FQT7Q
This map is wild fun if you enjoy larger scale fights with lots of units. Built with competitive play in mind, this map gives each player four barracks to recruit units from, and thirty-two villages to fight for control over. With the potential for so many units to show up on the battlefield, you’d best have your wits about you.

Sorched v1.06 by justyoureventualruler

2. Sorched 1.06 by justyoureventualruler – Code: RCVLFF2U
The two opposing teams of this map are separated by several chokepoints, with those closer to the middle being particularly narrow, while those out to the sides give you some leeway. I found this to be great fun for a casual match!

Project Oblivion by Xmo5

3. Project Oblivion by Xmo5 – Code: ZBX68SBF
Another well-made battlefield from Xmo5, a veteran mapper of the competitive community. Neutral villagers stand in place to create spaces that can’t be occupied by either player, while the abundance of flagstone gives you room to evade aerial attacks. May the best player win!

Delistrie Crossing by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made Map – Delistrie Crossing by Armagon – Code: U9U5UF2E
I decided to dip my toe back into making skirmish maps this month with this small-scale four-player free-for-all! Gates make the central villages not especially accessible at the start, but as those doors come down roaming the map becomes easier and chaos can ensue. Just make sure not to overextend yourself and leave your stronghold exposed!

The deadline for the next Community Choice is May 28th!
If you’d like to see one of your creations in the Community Spotlight, you should hop onto the Wargroove Discord and post it in #community-choice. Even if your map or mod doesn’t get top votes from the community, we check the channel often, and efforts that stand out will absolutely be considered for the Spotlight! The creation with the most thumbs up will be the Community Choice winner, so don’t wait too long to submit your entries!

See you next time folks!

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Community Maps Spotlight #30

G’day everyone! The first quarter of 2021 has flown by, and we’ve already made it to the Easter weekend! I’m back once again to bring you a choice selection of the Wargroove community’s finest offerings, so let’s get right into it!

Ryota's Adventure Definitive Edition by CyanShaman

Ryota’s Adventure Definitive Edition by CyanShaman – Code: Q2D96SYA
This delightfully tricky puzzle map had me stumped in deep thought for a good while. I had a number of occasions where I felt I’d gotten close to the answer, only to hit a snag and be forced to take a few steps back and rethink my options. Solving this puzzle proved so satisfying that I simply had to share it.

Graveyard Shift v1.7 (Fog) by Whargarbl

Graveyard Shift v1.7 (Fog) by Whargarbl – Code: S8HNA4GD
Don’t let my screenshot fool you. As the name implies, this skirmish map was built with fog of war in mind, which perfectly suits the graveyard theme it’s aiming to deliver. I found the use of neutral undead villagers here really interesting. Not only do they suit the theme well aesthetically, but they functionally turn their tiles into spaces that can be moved through, but never occupied by a unit. I had a lot of fun playing this and I suspect you lively folks will too.

Caesar's beach day by that_1_guy

Caesar’s Beach Day by that_1_guy – Code: 6KLHAWND
Another well-made puzzle that demands you put your understanding of Wargroove’s mechanics to the test. It’s not quite so fiendish as today’s opening entry, but I found it to still be a very enjoyable brainteaser well worth my time.

Oceans Apart 1.1 by Xmo5

Oceans Apart 1.1 by Xmo5 – Code: EDE824RW
This is certainly one of the larger 1-on-1 skirmish maps I’ve featured; but it’s a well-tuned one that gives you all the space and Barracks you need for an epic battle. This is an ideal testing ground for you and the rival in your life.

Community Choice Award: Wargroove Expanded Editor 3 Mod by Emo Tarquin Mod Download
For the most devoted modders in the community, sometimes the already robust editors included with Wargroove were simply not robust enough. This mod, when enabled, grants a creator access to a number of editor functions and game assets that normally aren’t available to our players.

These developer-facing features were often made for very specific use-cases, so they can be tricky to use if you aren’t already comfortable with poking around the game’s assets to figure out how things work.

The upside of this mod is that people playing your maps don’t need to have downloaded the mod themselves in order to play your content. This is due to the fact that the mod is using features that exist in the Wargroove engine already. You simply turn on the mod while editing, then turn it off and re-save the file once you’re done.

Face the Horde Co-op & Versus Maps by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made Maps:
Face the Horde 2P: Sandy Springs by Armagon – Code: BQ9AXZCS
Face the Horde VS: Hellion Expanse by Armagon – Code: ACS6SDPK
I’ve got two bonus maps for you guys today! They’re multiplayer follow-ups to my Face the Horde scenario from the last spotlight.

If you missed it, the premise is that you face off against endless waves of randomly-selected units that will steadily grow stronger over time. Killing enemy units is your only way of earning additional money, and the more powerful the unit you slay, the greater the reward. Your task is simply to survive for as long as possible.

The desert-themed Sandy Springs is a co-operative take on this concept, with two players trying their best to keep each other alive against the relentless AI. The moment one player loses their Commander or Stronghold, the game is over for both of them.

The volcanic Hellion Expanse is a competitive variant, where the players are totally separated from each other, but will face off against the exact same waves of enemies on either side. The goal here is to outlast your human opponent. Once one player falls, if the other can survive until the end of that turn, they win the match. I’m quite pleased with how this turned out, so hopefully you guys enjoy it too!

The deadline for the next Community Choice is April 30th!
If you’d like to see one of your creations in the Community Spotlight, you should hop onto the Wargroove Discord and post it in #community-choice. Even if your map or mod doesn’t get top votes from the community, we check the channel often, and efforts that stand out will absolutely be considered for the Spotlight! The creation with the most thumbs up will be the Community Choice winner, so don’t wait too long to submit your entries!

Until next time, y’all take care folks!

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Community Maps Spotlight #29

Welcome one and all! I hope the day finds you well!

Before we dig into today’s entries, one of our picks from the last spotlight has received an update!
* Wigkx’s map “Oasis” got updated to version 1.5, which you can access with the code: C45SXSW3

With that quick tidbit out of the way, let’s get to the new highlights!

Heavensong's Unrest by Laberca

1. Heavensong’s Unrest by Laberca – Code: RBYGCT9E
This campaign sees the dashing general Ryota take a leading role as unrest takes root in the Heavensong colonies. Unrest that may soon embroil all of Aurania. I found myself pulled in by the story as it unfolded, but was also pleased that the missions were plenty enjoyable enough to keep me interested. All-in-all a great campaign!

Thieves' Den v2.29 by Whargarbl

2. Thieves’ Den v2.29 by Whargarbl – Code: F5G5GMZL
With fortified hideouts in the map’s corners, true to its name, this is a real playground for thieves. The large open fields grant quick traversal to the fleet of foot, out on the prowl for a village to raid. I really appreciate Whargarbl’s knack for making their maps look eye-catching without hurting readability and preserving competitive-friendly gameplay.

Ice Castles by Alpha_75159

3. Ice Castles by Alpha_75159 – Code: C62VFD9Y
This map is more open than it appears at first glance, thanks to the beaches connecting the bridges. There’s plenty of defensible terrain to take into consideration when plotting your moves, and even some room for naval units to join the party, though you won’t be seeing any warships or harpoons here. I really like the creative sense of design displayed in this map. Alpha has successfully created something very distinctive, whilst also taking gameplay into account.

Ranked Ladders by Fly Sniper

Community Choice Award: AutoMMR by Fly SniperMod Download
The Groove of War players have been running their own ranked leaderboard system for a while now, but it wasn’t without its issues. Building on prior work by community members Reena and CMAvelis, Fly Sniper won today’s Community Choice with this mod that functionally brings ranked play to Wargroove.

Taking part in ranked matches is quite simple! You can register to join the ladder in the #lfg-bots channel of the Wargroove Discord. Doing so will have the bot send you details on how to install the AutoMMR mod, as well as a text file containing an authentication key that identifies you as a player.

Whenever two players registered on the ladder play a match with the mod enabled, the game will automatically report the outcome of the match to the bot and update your matchmaking rank accordingly. If a more structured competitive experience is something you’ve been wanting, definitely give it a look! Almost all the top players have been using it.

Face the Horde: Barrbel Fields

Bonus Dev-made Map – Face the Horde: Barrbel Fields by Armagon – Code: VD43MLE6
This is an endless defense map, where you must keep your Stronghold and Commander alive as long as possible. The enemies that spawn are determined by a series of RNG rolls that take place depending on the AI’s current level of power, which escalates with every passing turn.

To encourage aggressive play, the player has no villages, but relies on gaining gold from killing enemy units. The amount of gold gained depends on the unit killed. Presently it gives 60% of the dying unit’s gold worth to the player. This means with careful play your level of power can rise enough to keep the enemy at bay, but it can very quickly fall apart if you make costly risks that don’t pay off.

If you’re able to last more than 30 turns, the difficulty gets turned even more against you, as enemies will start to take less and less damage the longer the match goes on. With this current setup, I was able to last until turn 42. I’m looking forward to seeing someone beat this!

The deadline for the next Community Choice is April 2nd!
If you’d like to see one of your creations in the Community Spotlight, you definitely should hop onto the Wargroove Discord and post it in #community-choice. Even if your map or mod doesn’t get top votes from the community, we check the channel often, and efforts that stand out will absolutely be considered for the Spotlight! The creation with the most thumbs up will be the Community Choice winner, so don’t wait too long to submit your entries!

Until next time, y’all take care folks!

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Community Maps Spotlight #28

G’day folks! I’ve got a lot to cover today, including some fun news that will likely be of interest to the creators in our community. Let’s start by diving into today’s highlights!

Warship (2p) by Deminobody

1. Warship (2p) by Deminobody – Code: FW24BMCB
This is an impressively well-made scenario map that will feel very familiar to you if you’ve ever played Battleship. Both players pop down ship formations, and then take turns firing off bombs at each other’s fleets. It keeps track of the spots you attacked, hit and missed, with victory going to the first player to wipe out their opponent’s fleet. All-in-all a fantastic map!

Tales of a Fallow Era by Faust

2. Tales of a Fallow Era by Faust– Code: DV2KNUSX
This campaign sets out to expand on the lore of Felheim by diving into a period of time where the undead roam free, untethered and unchecked. The overall presentation is excellent and the mission designs were pleasantly varied and interesting!

Freezer Fun: A Wargroove Quiz by ABC

3. Freezer Fun: A Wargroove Quiz by ABC – Code: JDFMMJZF
Think you know Wargroove? Then Ragna’s got just the quiz for you to put your knowledge to the test! To move across the map you have to approach the door and correctly answer a piece of Wargroove trivia. Get it right, and the door moves a space further. Get it wrong and Mercia takes a hit. I was really impressed by the number and variety of question types. The writing was a particular standout as Ragna delivers every question clearly and in rhyme.

You can (not) be puzzled -v11.1- by Neg Everyday

4. You can (not) be puzzled v11.1 by Neg Everyday – Code: 84ZQX6LJ
This puzzle campaign presents several satisfying brainteasers with a variety of different objectives ranging from taking out every enemy unit, to successfully planting Greenfinger’s vines in specific locations. I feel like Neg landed on a nice level of difficulty, and they really went the extra mile by building a level skip portal into each one, so if you find yourself stuck you can still go on to play the others and come back to the stumper later.

The Grand Faction Wasteland War by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made map: The Grand Faction Wasteland War by Armagon – Code: YV6SCRG2
Four players, each controlling three commanders from their chosen faction. Players are eliminated if they lose all three of their commanders, or their one and only stronghold. I’m quite pleased with how this one came out!

As maps that use entire factions are something I think it would be cool to see more of, I whipped up a template so players on PC can easily make their own without having to do all the time-consuming work in the event editor to make it happen. The zip below contains a text file that explains how to install and use it.

The Community Choice Award is making a comeback!
You may have noticed that recently the official Wargroove Discord was combined with that of the Groove of War community’s, bringing all our players together under one groovy umbrella! A few months ago, we put the Community Choice Award on hiatus with the intention of bringing it back after this merge took place. The time for its return has finally come!

Let me break down how this is going to work. If you’ve played or made a map, campaign or mod that you think deserves to be highlighted in the community spotlight, you can hop onto the Wargroove Discord and post it in #community-choice. All posts should include the name of the creation, the author’s name, the download code, a screenshot and a description.

Every month we’ll set a deadline and watch this channel. The creation that has received the most thumbs up reactions from the community by the end will be the winner, earning it a spot in the next Community Spotlight!

The first deadline for this newly revised Community Choice is March 5th, so if you’ve got something you’re itching to share, get on it!

Wargroove Birthday Streams!
In case you missed it Wargroove turned two years old a few days ago. To celebrate the occasion, we hosted a bunch of streams in collaboration with members of the Groove of War community, which ended up being a lot of fun!

The day started strong with an art stream by Chucklefish’s ever-delightful pusher of pixels, T3nshi. What followed was a casual fun stream between some of the community’s best players, with commentary provided by the always-passionate SneakyDragon and our lovely community manager Pilgrim. Later a bunch of the Chucklefish team got together for a couple of fun matches and a fireside talk about Wargroove’s development. Lastly, Barrett of the Groove of War community played host to a series of great showmatches, including an amusing 2v2 where two of Wargroove’s best players, Saikoya and Emo Tarquin, were paired off with Chucklefish’s much-less-experienced Shubeans and Pilgrim.

All in all, it was a really great time, and I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who came along to take part and an extra special thank you to the Groove of War folks who helped to make the day possible. The team at Chucklefish is immensely grateful to have such a friendly and supportive community.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and have a lovely weekend!

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*DOOT DOOT* Wargroove turns two years old!

Woah, what a wild two years and genuinely, from myself and the entire Chucklefish team, thank you for supporting our lovely little game. We can now officially say that Wargroove has had over 1,000,000 unique installs across PC and console! 

Since launching February 1st 2019 we’ve had: content updates, bug squishing, new languages, the PS4 release, a physical launch for PS4 & Switch, modding beta, community competitions, Xbox Game Pass for PC launch, events, livestreams, Groove of War tournaments, awesome merch including a vinyl record, big chonky Caesar plush and even launched *massive* free DLC, Wargroove: Double Trouble!

This year we’ll be celebrating in style with our new community partners Groove of War in an action-packed all-day streaming event with art, community streams, competitive head-to-heads and a developer roundtable. Take a look:

MONDAY FEBRUARY 1ST (all times in GMT)
11:00 – 12:00 CF Mystery Wargroove art with T3nshi
12:00 – 14:00 SneakyDragon (Casual fun)
14:00 – 15:00 Zeronix (Ryota chess or campaign exhibition)
15:00 – 17:00 CF (Ragna Roulette, Dogball)
17:00 – 18:00 CF Fireside dev chat with Shu, Supernorn and Armagon (hosted by Pilgrim)
18:00 – 19:30 CF #TeamShue vs #TeamPilsaikgrimoya showmatch (hosted by Barrett)
19:30 – 21:00 Emo Tarquin vs Saykoya Project Groove showmatch (hosted by Barrett)
21:00 – 22:30 (Special guest) Neuro vs Ragnarokette showmatch (hosted by Barrett)
22:30 onwards Super Secret Sedgehun Thing…

As this is a developer, Groove of War and community effort we’ll be going live on different channels throughout the day but will be rehosting on the ChucklefishLive Twitch, so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, if you want to come hang out, ask questions and get involved you can do so over on our Discord! Until next time, enjoy this lovely cover of Cheeky Ruckus by FirahFabe…

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Community Maps Spotlight #27

Hey guys! Great to see you with us here in 2021! Chucklefish is back at work and I’ve got a bunch of new map highlights for you, so let’s dive right in!

Paradise Lost v1.56 by Whargarbl

1. Paradise Lost v.1.56 by Whargarbl – Code: TL4VD9JB
This is definitely one of the larger 1v1 skirmish maps I’ve found myself recommending. Not only does this map play well mechanically, but it also uses decorations in a rather striking fashion, giving the battlefield a more organic feel without getting in the way of readability. Good stuff!

Windy Grounds - 1.1 by Alpha_75159

2. Windy Grounds – 1.1 by Alpha_75159 – Code: 37AVFKQA
With one barracks well-positioned to support your stronghold and the other primed for an assault on your foe’s; you shouldn’t underestimate the value of getting aquanauts into the central water tiles. From those locations merfolk can critically strike with relative safety; that is unless your opponent’s prepared some archers to handle the situation.

Warped Horizon by Xmo5

3. Warped Horizon by Xmo5 – Code: JVG7ZCMR
I had a lot of fun with this one! Each player’s barracks are positioned pretty far back, so the ability to plan ahead can make or break the fight for you. Thanks to the central wall tiles leaving a single narrow chokepoint, the villages next to them can become crucial barriers to your opponent as they look for opportunities to attack your stronghold. Thieves can also be incredibly strong here due to the hideouts being so close to the center of the map.

Oasis 1.4 by Wigkx

4. Oasis 1.4 by Wigkx – Code: M4GTD7J2
With the beach and bridge presence around the middle, this map is more open than it first appears. It’s important to make sure you’re carefully checking your spacing from your opponent’s units unless you want a nasty surprise.

The Auranian Faction War by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made map: The Auranian Faction War by ArmagonCode: 6V9RGWX9
I’d been wanting to make a map that pits entire factions against each other for quite some time, and finally decided to take a shot at it. In essence, rather than picking a single commander, you are choosing all three commanders from the faction they represent. Victory is achieved either by defeating all three of the enemy’s commanders, or by destroying the single stronghold they share. Which faction is the strongest when their commanders’ powers combine? Now’s your chance to find out!

That was the first Community Spotlight of 2021! I’m really looking forward to seeing what kinds of awesome stuff you guys make this year! If you’re one of the new players who just joined our community over the holiday break and want to know how to make your own levels, I’ve put together a couple of video tutorials to get you started!

Until next time, take care folks!

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Community Maps Spotlight #26

Hello everybody! I hope you’ve all been doing well!

Before we dig into today’s entries, a couple of our picks from the last spotlight have received updates!
* Deminobody’s map “Bizarre Bazaar” got updated to 1.2, which you can access with the code: NVZ6APEK
* Wigkx’s “Himalaya” also got a revision, and now is version 1.3.2, which you can grab using: DCX75H93

With those updates out of the way, let’s get to the new highlights!

The Cherrybowl v2 by Sicilica

1. The Cherrybowl v2 by Sicilica – Code: 297YBC38
Another really cool custom game mode from the creator of “Simple Defense v3”. The objective is quite simply to have any one of your units reach the opposing team’s end zone. At the start of each round you get to decide the formation of your team. Once both players have set them, the walls come down and the game begins.

Units cannot hurt one another, so it’s a game of pure strategic positioning, where you must take the different movement speeds of your units into careful consideration. Naturally the Thief and Mage make excellent runners, but their incredibly high mobility also makes them very good at filling gaps in your defensive line when you want to block your opponent.

Honestly, I initially had concerns about this mode having a clear first or second turn advantage, but things are impressively well-balanced. While the player who moves first in a round gets to take the initative; the player going second has the advantage of being able to see the formation their opponent adopts, and plan their own accordingly. After a couple of points have been scored, there’s a fun halftime show and then the starting player switches so each player experiences both sides of this dynamic.

All in all, this is a really fun custom mode that I highly recommend playing with a friend!

Gone with the Wind by ABC

2. Gone with the Wind by ABC – Code: UENNKQ6A
This puzzle map presents a lot of options to work through, which makes deciding what to target pretty tricky. I appreciated the layers of complexity and really enjoyed picking it apart, so I thought you guys might too!

Winter Madness 1.3.3 by Alpha_75159

3. Winter Madness 1.3.3 by Alpha_75159 – Code: EYBDMB43
This is one of the higher economy 1v1 maps I’ve shared in community spotlight. There’s multiple fronts to fight on, and retaining control of the water can really give you the edge, as only the barracks and hideouts in the corners can produce ballista, trebuchets and riflemen. Sending aquanauts along the central river can be incredibly useful as well.

Triple Threat Portal Battle by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made map: Triple Threat Portal Battle by Armagon – Code: NM5AZTVC
Following up on my previous portal-focused maps, I decided to take a stab at something more freeform. Like a typical skirmish, your objective is to defeat the enemy commanders or destroy their strongholds, but in order to enter their territory you’ll need to use the portals dotted across the map.

You can send your units through any portal on the map to one of three arenas, with each player having their own arrival points in each one. You can freely switch the destination of the portals as many times as you want on your turn, allowing you to potentially move many units between different arenas at will.

To emerge victorious, you need to keep control of your own territory, while conquering that of your opponents by aggressively taking advantage of the portals.

Falstino Ruins by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made map: Falstino Ruins by Armagon – Code: G4UP5M35
I really enjoy making four player free-for-all maps, so here’s a new one for you! Taking control of the wealth of resources in the center can give you an edge in the match just as quickly as it’ll paint a bullseye on your back. With enemy barracks positioned so closely to your own Stronghold, you’d best be on your guard.

That’s all for today! As Chucklefish will be on Christmas break at the time the next entry would normally be due, you can expect the next community spotlight to come in the new year. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys make over the holiday season and sharing the highlights in January!

Until then, stay safe and look after yourselves. I wish you all the very best!

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