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"Double Trouble feels less
like an expansion and more
like a full-blown game that’s
been stitched onto the
- Critical Hit
Team up and lead the Outlaw Faction to strategic victory, with new criminal Commanders in Wargroove: Double Trouble!
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New Co-op Enabled Story Campaign Three New Roguish Commanders Two New Units - Thieves & Riflemen
Gameplay Guide 1
New Co-op Enabled Story Campaign
Gameplay Guide 2
Three New Roguish Commanders
Gameplay Guide 3
Two New Units - Thieves & Riflemen
Meet The Outlaws scroll
Troublemaker twins Errol & Orla fight as a duo alongside their Father, Wulfar, Chief of the Outlaws. This formidable family never back down from a fight, especially when their rival, the maleficent Outlaw Vesper, is threatening to thwart their latest plan to liberate a friend in need.
15+ hours of brand new story Campaign - play co-op or singleplayer!
Character Select Battle
15 New Arcade missons, Competitive online Quick Play maps
& Public and Private Multiplayer Lobbies
Vesper Smoke Twins Battle
New Volcano map theme and more updates to the custom Editor tools
Volcano Rifleman
Outlaw music tracks, composed by PhoneticHero
...and much more!
"Wargroove has truly cemented
its own style with this addition...
The movements are smooth;
the gameplay is layered
yet simple
- Indie game Website
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