Basics of gameplay scroll
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Capture towns to gain funds Expand your army Wage war on the enemy!
Gameplay Guide 1
Capture towns to gain funds
Arrow Down
Gameplay Guide 2
Expand your army
Arrow Down
Gameplay Guide 3
Wage war on the enemy!
Get your groove on scroll
Commanders can use a special move called a 'groove', activated by filling their groove meter in battle. Every groove is unique to each Commander and changes up the battlefield in an entirely different way.
Healing Aura
Channel your inner strength to provide aid to your allies
Vampiric Touch
Command dark forces and summon the supernatural
Wild Growth
Manipulate the playing field for a tactical advantage
Gameplay modes scroll
Gameplay Singleplayer


  • Follow the story of a young Queen facing unworldly forces in Campaign mode
  • Challenge yourself in Puzzle mode where maps must be completed in one turn
  • Take on 5 different opponents in quick succession in Arcade mode
Gameplay Multiplayer


  • Battle with your friends in local and online multiplayer skirmish battles
  • Engage in competitive and co-op play for up to 4 players
  • Play asynchronously! Take turns at your leisure with friends on-the-go
Gameplay Create


  • Design and share online your own complex series of battlefields
  • Easily create branching story paths using in-game map and campaign editors
  • Download other players' maps and campaigns to try out for yourself!