Spring update! V1.2.6, Mod Support, New Merch & Japanese Physical

Hey Strategy fans!

The Chucklefish and Robotality teams have been pretty busy behind the scenes! We’ve been forging away, refining Wargroove 2 with bug resolutions and implementing some quality of life fixes. Not only is the development team hard at work, our partners have jumped aboard with a host of exciting updates! It’s time to hoist y’er anchors and set sail, the tide is high with Wargroove 2 news!

Wargroove 2 is now available in Japanese

Today’s a long awaited day for Japanese tactics enthusiasts, Wargroove 2 is now available in Japanese! 

We’d like to thank our friends at Kakehashi for their diligent work in bringing Wargroove 2 to life in Japanese and all their promotional efforts by bringing us to events Bitsummit and Tokyo Games Show in 2023 and sharing their love from Wargroove with the audience in Japan. You can play Wargroove 2’s latest patch now on Steam and Nintendo Switch, this patch also comes with a whole host of fixes which are available at the bottom of this update!

Wargroove 1 + 2 physical edition is coming to Japan!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Happinet for a physical edition of Wargroove 1 + 2 in Japan! Orders commence today and the physical will be released on the 30th May. 

Global fans, keep an eye out for other physical edition news coming soon! 👀

Mod Support now on the Preview branch

Mod Support is almost here! Since the early Wargroove days, we’ve had a brimming community of modders. We’re happy to confirm Mod support is almost done and is coming to Wargroove 2! We’re currently in the final feedback and fixing stages of before setting everything live on the main branch. If you’d like to join in and help us with the final development stages, you can access the preview branch from your Steam Library. Right click on Wargroove 2, select Properties and open the “Betas” option. On the dropdown menu, select “preview – Public preview version” and you’re in!

How do I make a mod?

We’ve updated the Wargroove wiki and expanded the original modding documentation to contain information about Wargroove 2! In addition, we’ve updated the example Tolstoy Mod from Wargroove which you can find by following the file path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wargroove 2\modpacker_bin

How do I share a mod?

Once you’ve created your mod, it should have put itself in your Wargroove appdata folder. You can probably find this at %appdata%/Chucklefish/Wargroove2/mods. Copy the folder with your mod name on it and send it to a friend! They just put the folder in the same spot in their appdata folder.

How do I use a mod?

Custom Maps

If you want to create a modded map, go into a custom map and open the main menu. Hit the branch new “Mods” button, and you should see a list of your installed mods.

Just flip the switch for the ones you want to use and change the ordering if you need to. Hit “Save and Reload Map”. This should reload your map with the mods on. The “Add to Mod” button is for packaging maps within a mod, and you can read about it in the document linked in the “How do I make a mod?” section.

Local Multiplayer

If you want to use a mod in a map that already exists, go to local multiplayer and select the map. In the “Match Settings” window, hit the “Mods” button, and you should see a list of your installed mods. Flip the switches for the mods you want to use and change the ordering if you need to.

Hit close when you’re done and you should be using your mods!

Online Multiplayer

Mods can also be enabled when hosting online matches. In Match Settings, go to “Mods” and toggle the mods you’d like to use.  All players must have the same version of the mod installed. Mods can also come with maps included. If they do, when you go to host a game you should see the modded map available. Anyone with the same version of the mod installed can join the game like normal.

Will console versions receive modding tools?

Unfortunately not – this is a platform restriction we don’t have control over, so modding tools are a PC only feature. Console players will not be able to access any custom content or join any online matches which use PC mods, and instead will see an error message.

I have more questions!

Feel free to get in touch with the Robotality team on the Wargroove discord to ask about modding! You can also use the Discord to report any issues you may come across!

New Merch from the Yetee!

We’re also going to be launching some new Merchandise with the Yetee! Keep your eyes peeled for new Wargroove 2 apparel on the way.

1.2.6 Patch Notes

– Japanese language added

– Fix occasional crash when loading into conquest maps, or launching maps from the editor

– Fix movement of Pegasus and Turtle units when ambushed in fog of war. These units are allowed to move into FoW if the target tile is not blocked. If it is, the unit is considered “ambushed” and placed on the last free tile in its path of movement.

– Fix all HQ structures, not just the one of the current player, regaining health on each turn

– Fix map design issues in Pearlescent Valley

– No more combat preview tooltips or target highlights for enemy units not in line of sight of Riflemen

– Objective texts are now updated properly when changing the language during a match

– Tooltips in the unit info UI now always use the correct commander icon

– Audio: changing tabs in codex does not play the sound FX twice

– Audio: stop active music track when loading map editor

– Audio: fix double sound FX with interaction menu in maps with free movement

– Fixed quick play rating sometimes not updated if first player abandons the match (note: this is a server-side change and has been patched for *all* versions already)

– Fixed bug which could cause performance problems and crashes when stacking buffs on units, for example with ranged units holding an attack boosting item and Emeric’s tier 2 groove

– Tenri’s groove can not target kraken, its tentacles, and tentacled units anymore

– Tornado and push/pull abilities can not target immovable units anymore, for example the crystal spawned by the Twins’ groove

– Fixed list of units (tentacles, crystals spawned by Twins) not convertible by Elodies groove

– Fixed Pistils tier 2 groove behaving weirdly when used by AI

– Neutral structures do not take damage anymore by slamming units into them

– Fixed graphics effect of tentacles wrapped around units not being removed sometimes

– Fixed bug in “The General” mission which could cause a story dialogue to be skipped

– Fixed scripting bug which could cause bridges fail to spawn in “A Great Fall”

– The correct weather setting is now shown in match info of a multiplayer lobby

– Updated incorrect description texts of Nuru and Twins on commander selection screen

– Fixed exit confirmation dialog opened twice when pressing ESC key in title screen

– Fixed crash rendering preview image for custom maps in map selection screen

– Fixed crash trying to run misconfigured unit actions on custom maps

– Conquest: Fixed various bugs with the kraken mini boss and its tentacles

– Conquest: Fixed smoke screen effect persisting until end of map

– Conquest: Fixed issues caused by units loaded into transport units. Units are now unloaded automatically when progressing to the next event.

– Conquest: Fixed units playing wrong animations sometimes after loading a new map

– Conquest: Prevent some situations where the player was able to walk backwards on the world map

– Conquest: Commander icon is now shown, instead of Knight, in the “vulnerable” section of unit info UI

– Editor: fix waterfall decoration changing position when switching to Dungeon biome

– Editor: in the unit palette tool, cycling through neutral faction does not reset the current selection to Soldier anymore

– Editor: fix ghost shadows when switching maps in the campaign map editor

– Editor: fixed cutscene dialogue box cutting through overlapping UI elements

– Editor: fixed unit facing option not working correctly if language isn’t set to English

– Editor: Fixed crash when trying to edit properties of treasure chest