Music Spotlight – Bounding Joy

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great December so far! Ever since we introduced Caesar back in June, he’s garnered more than a little bit of interest. For us, Caesar embodies the absolute best qualities of a dog, and is majestic in doing so to boot; so we wanted his theme to equally deliver on his unique blend of joyous majesty. As usual, Phonetic Hero rose to the occasion in spectacular fashion, and today it’s my pleasure to share the canine commander’s track with you right here!

As usual, I’ve added this song to the growing playlist for Wargroove’s soundtrack. If this is your first time hearing any of it, definitely check the rest of it out! Phonetic Hero has proven to be a phenomenal talent that we’re really glad to have gotten on board for this project. He’s just wrapped up his work on the soundtrack, so I’m hoping to share more of these tracks with a bit more frequency as we roll into the new year!

Thanks so much for joining me for this music spotlight! I’ll see you fine folks next time!