Three’s Company

Hello again! Last week we revealed more details about naval combat, and this week we’re back with a rather exciting update, to finally show off our remaining three Commanders.

For anyone new to the Blog, Commanders are both your avatars in Wargroove, as well as your most important playable unit on the battlefield. They’re quite powerful, and each Commander has a unique ability called a Groove, which can sometimes completely sway the battle in your favour, if used strategically. But don’t go ahead and let your Commander rush in willy-nilly, because if they fall in battle, you lose the game.

Okay then, without further ado, let’s meet the new Commanders!

Ryota is the handsome general of the Heavensong Empire, deeply loyal to Empress Tenri. He may have lost his legs in battle but he’s just as powerful with his replacement prostheses, designed by the great craftsmen of Heavensong. His dedication to the Empire has seen him quickly rise up through the military ranks, now second only to the Empress herself.

Ryota is a man of action rather than words. In battle he’s truly in his element, making him a deadly foe, and an even more valuable ally. He can sometimes come across as a little insular and rude, but beneath that grand exterior, there may be more to Ryota than meets the eye.

You might want to steer clear of Wargroove’s vicious assassin, Sedge, of the Floran Tribe. Often sent by the Greenfinger to keep watch on the affairs of humans, it’s Sedge’s duty to stamp out those who pose a threat to the Floran. Although Sedge seems to be loyal to Greenfinger Zawan, this alliance may be born more out of convenience – after all, it does provide good opportunities to sneak in shadows and strike enemies down at a moment’s notice.

As a ruthless killer, Sedge takes true joy in hunting down prey and destroying opponents on the battlefield. One thing is for sure, this monster is not to be trusted.

And last, but certainly not least, is Queen Mercia’s loyal and majestic hound, Caesar. As the court’s royal dog, Caesar has stayed by Mercia’s side since childhood, guarding her at all costs and getting all the pets in return.

Despite being a dog, he has managed to create an incredible air of authority and dignity around him, so much so that he is able to command whole armies to defend the Cherrystone Kingdom. But you better watch out, this doggy gets ruff.

And there we are, our complete set of Commanders are now ready for battle. If you happen to be visiting E3 in Los Angeles next week, a new build of Wargroove featuring the weather system we showcased last month will be playable on the E3 Show Floor at the ID@Xbox booth! We won’t be there in person, as we’re focusing on finishing development, so if you have any questions give us a shout on the Wargroove Discord channel.

We will also be streaming Wargroove on Twitch tomorrow (Friday 8th June) at around 5pm UK time, so follow us here to get a reminder for when we go live!

Whose your favourite new Commander? Let us know your thoughts on our forums or the Wargroove subreddit! You can also follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest news or check out our official wiki!

Until next time!