V2.1.0 Out Now! (Competitive Patch & Bug Fixes)

Hey folks,

Hurray! Today we’re launching v2.1.0 across PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This patch mainly focuses on competitive play and online bug fixes. Thanks to our friends at Groove of War for the feedback!

Gameplay Balancing:

  • Fog of War sight ranges reduced across the board
  • Single Player and Co-op campaign balance changes due to sight range reduction
  • When a unit is ambushed and ends on a neutral unit, it will backtrack instead of dying
  • Nuru’s groove charge rate reduced from fast to medium
  • Spectator can now spectate online campaign matches


  • End current campaign map from lobby screen command added. If you’ve been experiencing issues continuing your online campaign, visit this thread for more info
  • Added 45 Minute Chess Timer option
  • Only hosts can add CPU players to multiplayer matches
  • Event Editor actions that remove or modify units can now affect units in transports
  • Event Editor conditions that check for unit presence now include units in transports

Bug fix:

  • Save/resume desync bug in online matches
  • Harpoon ships don’t die on reefs when its raining
  • Spearman in the Act 1 Mission 3 tutorial now spawns in correct location
  • Outlaw faction units now correctly display the codex button

We haven’t forgotten about you, PlayStation players! A combination of submission mishaps and the current pandemic have meant that Double Trouble has been delayed for longer than we would have liked. We hope to be able to bring you the DLC soon and will let you know a date as we can. Thank you for being patient!

Also don’t forget, you can come hang out with us over on Discord or Twitter.