Community Maps Spotlight #23

It’s that time again! Wargroove’s community keeps delivering excellent new maps so I’m here to shine a light on some of the best efforts!

Before delving into the entries, I wanted to give a shout out to Deminobody, whose unique scenario map ‘9 Levels of Luck’ was given an honorable mention in Community Maps Spotlight #22. Since then, the scenario has come out of beta, so if you missed it the first time, be sure to check it out: U6BY73Q9

Archipelago - v1.1 by G.Power9

1. Archipelago – v1.1 by G.Power9 – Code: QTAH4UQK
Controlling the sea is key to securing your victory on this group of islands. The ban on Warships ensures that you can build up a strong ground game, but still have to keep an eye out for your opponent’s Aquanauts.

Gernian Outskirts by n8

2. Gernian Outskirts by n8 – Code: JS2BEQHP
Split by a great river, this battlefield demands you be nimble with moving your units back and forth across the fronts. If you over-commit to one side, thieves can throw a real wrench in the works.

Safe Haven 1.2 by FadedSun

3. Safe Haven 1.2 by FadedSun – Code: EENHLXYA
Another fun, competitive-oriented map from this veteran of the Groove of War community. The battlefield is open enough to give you room to mobilise your armies en masse. With the central villages being fairly difficult to approach without making yourself vulnerable, and strongholds close to the center, you have to decide how far you’ll stretch your forces.

Riverside Woods by Minerscool

4. Riverside Woods by Minerscool – Code: KHRQ959B
This fog of war map has plenty of trees you can use to break line of sight, or to protect yourself from enemy riflemen. The ports can only be used to summon barges to transport units, but with the presence of the fog, this gives you the opportunity to make bold strikes on an unsuspecting opponent.

The 9 Arena Rumble by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made map: The 9 Arena Rumble by Armagon – Code: QJCYMYVK (Normal) AG8UBW5S (Fog)
I’ve seen a few people try the concept of multiple battlefields in one map before, so I thought I’d take my own shot at it. There are 9 small battlefields that you have to manage simultaneously. Victory goes to the first player to destroy 5 of their opponents strongholds. The balancing act becomes deciding where you want to commit your resources. Even if you don’t intend to win every battlefield, letting your opponent take control too quickly could swing the resources heavily in their favour, so carefully choosing where to spend your funds is key to your success.

You may have noticed there’s no community choice featured this month. We’re in the process of shifting the community map spotlight to our discord, where the majority of our active players like to hang out! This will make it easier for more people to participate in the process, whether by submitting content or by voting for others. We’ll be sure to let you know when this change happens!

Thanks so much for joining me, and have a great weekend!