Community Maps Spotlight #37

Hey everybody, great to see you! I’m pretty excited because this month’s spotlight features a bunch of custom game modes, so if you’re looking for something a little different, I’ve got you covered!

Before we dig into today’s entries, a couple of our more recent highlights have received updates!
* Fadedsun’s map “Gilgamesh” got updated to version 1.9.1, which you can access with the code: 5C42EHKW
* Justyoureventualruler’s map “Beetle’s Brooks” also got a revision, and now is version 2.75, which you can grab using: LJ5LASFE

With those updates out of the way, let’s get to the new highlights!

Necromancer Duel by Deminobody

1. Necromancer Duel by Deminobody – Code: W7DH252A
This spooky mode comes just in time for Halloween! This map pits both players against each other as necromancers, with neutral hostile units guarding villages across the map. These AI guards cannot move, but they will strike if you enter their range or attack them. Every guard you slay will be raised in your graveyard and join your ranks. After a few turns, the guards will start to receive Heavensong reinforcements from the central portals. These reinforcements will actively come after the players, but can be turned to your side with sufficient persuasion.

As an aside, if you’ve completed the Wargroove campaign, you will have access to one other Commander aside from Valder. Opposing players can use them, even if you can’t, so if you want to avoid potential spoilers, I’d advise holding off on trying this mode until you finish the story.

Triple Triad V3.1 by Fly Sniper

2. Triple Triad V3.1 by Fly Sniper – Code: Q5SACQJD
The name of this map will likely be familiar to any of you who’ve played the card game in Final Fantasy 14, or its original incarnation in Final Fantasy 8. This map impressively recreates that card game within Wargroove.

The game starts with each player choosing a hand of five from a pool of randomised cards, which they then take turns to play them on the board at the top of the map. It’s essentially a game of playing the right numbers in the right places to take control of the board, with victory going to whoever controls the majority of it by the time it’s filled up. I recommend giving it a go! The opening cutscene gives a much clearer explanation than I could in this space.

Trio Power by enton0vae

3. Trio Power by enton0vae – Code: 5QZK7TK3
This puzzle map tasks you with defeating Emeric by using the grooves of Valder, Sedge and Ryota in combination. I found this to be a delightful brainteaser, with few enough options that I didn’t become overwhelmed by all the possibilities, but still needed some careful planning to achieve the goal.

Straining Frontier v1.2 by Kokoado

4. Straining Frontier v1.2 by Kokoado – Code: WXFVNM9Q
The only regular skirmish map on today’s list, but an enjoyable one! With the amount of villages to contest over, the map’s high economy and plentiful forests dotting the landscape, your forces are likely to end up quite spread out. I particularly like the way Kokoado has used decorations to add character to the battlefield without hurting the readability.

Zone Control 2P: The Lost Isle by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made Map – Zone Control 2P: The Lost Isle – Code: BRQPZULB
A two player version of the Zone Control mode I released last month! In short, players compete for control over the five zones that are spread out across the central battlefield. Controlling these zones nets you points and gold, and you win either by accumulating enough points, or by eliminating your opponent’s commander. This one was a lot of fun to make, so I hope you guys have fun playing it!

That’s all for todays entries!
If you’ve made something Wargroove-related that you think deserves to be featured here, you should share it on the Wargroove Discord in the Creative channels! I regularly check those channels for cool stuff to feature, so that’s your best bet for ensuring I’ll see your work.

I’ll be back with more highlights next month, so until then you lovely folks stay safe and take care of yourselves!