Music Spotlight – Patchwork Valkyrie

G’day everybody!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the incredibly talented Phonetic Hero on board with this project. Over the past few months he’s been bringing an assortment of catchy tunes – tunes that we’ve frequently found ourselves humming around the office – for every commander in the game.

Some of you may already have heard his work, as featured in our announcement trailer last year, and he’s continued to impress us with both quality and variety. Speaking for myself, I’ve been so excited about where the soundtrack is going, that it’s been agonizing not being able to share the progress sooner!

Luckily, today I’ve been given the go ahead to share with you a sample of Phonetic Hero’s work. This is the theme of the Felheim commander, Ragna; the patchwork valkyrie of the undead legions.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can share another of these great tracks, and maybe tell you a bit about what I’ve been working on in a future post. Until then, take care folks!