Return of the Progress Report

Hi all!

It’s been another big month for the Wargroove team, so get ready for an EQUALLY BIG post. Not only did we get a chance to show the game publicly at EGX on our very own Chucklefish stand and showcase some gameplay on Nintendo’s stage and livestream, but we’ve also made some big leaps and bounds on the development side.

Development Update

Wargroove polishing is going really well and EGX was an especially useful experience for us watching so many players introduced to the game for the first time. We know your biggest question right now is of course “When is the game coming out?”, and although we’re in the final stages of development, preparing for final QA and then multiple platform submissions, we want to be 99.9% confident before we announce a specific date. That being said, we can give you a better indication of when you can expect to get your hands on the game.

Initially we were aiming for a late 2018 release, but we have recently decided to move the launch window to Q1 2019 to allow us to provide players with a really robust package when the big day comes! This week Tiy shared in the Wargroove Discord a breakdown of the game content so far:

  • Skirmish Mode: 30+ two-player PVP maps, 10+ three player PVP maps & 6+ four player PVP maps. Possibly a number of ‘scenario’ maps – not confirmed yet. This works both online and offline, can be played vs CPU in any configuration. Allows you to configure weather, turn timer, fog of war, income, map biome, Commanders and teams. Online matches can be synchronous or asynchronous and can have many matches running at once.
  • Arcade Mode: Each Commander has its own arcade in which you fight 5 opponents in succession, on randomly chosen PVP maps. Each character talks to their opponent at the start of each fight and ends with a full cutscene when their arcade mode is completed – similar to fighting games! A great way to learn about all of the characters.
  • Campaign Mode: 33+ Missions of varying length where you play as many different Commanders. Each mission starts and ends with a cutscene, some with cutscenes in the middle. Totals between 1 hour to 1hr30 of cutscene content!
  • Puzzle Mode: 25+ extremely challenging puzzles where you have to defeat the enemy in a single turn.
  • Map Creation: Easy to use basic tools/map painting. Advanced scripting tools for frankly ridiculous possibilities. Cutscene creation in-game, with really detailed tools that allow you to dress up your maps or campaign with a story. Includes a decoration System with fine control over the visuals of the map.
  • Campaign Creation: Choose 1 of 3 world maps. Simple placing of missions on the map and assigning them icons/date/location/descriptions. Map flags, allowing for branching paths/unlockable missions/secrets.
  • Content Sharing: A powerful content sharing centre for maps and campaigns. Ability to rate maps – Like/Dislike, with filters and search. Various different discoverability methods.
  • Gallery: Unlock artwork from the games development, amongst other fun things we won’t spoil.
  • Codex: Details the history of the world with lore and bio on all Commanders. Strategy info, rules and nice artwork of grooves. Damage charts for each unit with lots of unlockables.
  • Jukebox: Unlock music tracks. Some cute stuff that we won’t spoil.
  • Secret Content: ??????? The game probably has more secrets than you’d imagine – old school game style!
  • Options: Language – we’re hoping to localise, but don’t know if it will be in for launch or not yet. Combat Animations – always/never/my turn only/commanders only. Show Grid – on/off. Auto end turn – when no units are unspent on/off. Zoom level – near/far. Standard resolution options. Separate volume controls for master/music/sound FX/Voices. Colour blind mode – red-green/blue-yellow. Rumble on your turn when using a gamepad.

I hope that gives you a better insight into where things are at and just how much love and hard work is going into the game! A quick caveat that as with all games development, this feature list is subject to change – some things might be taken away, amended or added to, so keep that in mind. If you have any questions jump in the Wargroove Discord and ask away!

A New Groove Appears!

Before we sign off, we’ll leave you with a first look at Caesar‘s previously unseen groove! As readers of this Dev Blog will know, each Commander has a special Groove ability unique to them. In order to unleash their Grooves, Commanders must first fill their meter to 100% by dealing and taking damage in battle. Grooves have defined charge rates (Slow, Medium, Fast or Very Fast) depending on how effectively they can turn the tide of battle – for example Caesar’s groove is a Medium charge.

Wow – it’s not every day you see a royal hound with such majesty and grace as Caesar. Some might say he’s truly …inspirational! So it’s no wonder then that Caesar’s Groove ‘Inspire‘ motivates all of his fellow surrounding Cherrystone units on the battlefield to have another go, even when their turn is already spent. What a good boy.

Thanks for reading this rather mega post. There’s still a lot we have yet to share about the characters and the story of Wargroove, so stay tuned…