Music Spotlight – Dashing General

Hey guys! It’s that time again!
Phonetic Hero has worked tirelessly to boil down the essence of our commanders into fantastic songs that are both catchy and distinct. Today’s track belongs to the Heavensong general, Ryota, who was among the last commanders to be introduced. Phonetic Hero’s incredible talent is on full display, and if you enjoy this track, you should definitely check out the other songs we’ve put out in these music spotlights. We’re pretty stoked with how everything has come together and we can’t wait for you to hear the completed soundtrack.

Also just wanted to take this opportunity to remind folks that Wargroove is available to play at EGX2018 this weekend! You can find Chucklefish in the Rezzed area, along with a bunch of the other fantastic titles (Timespinner, Eastward, Pathway & Inmost) we’ll be publishing. So come on by, play a few games, and get some free swag! We have a limited number of Wargroove pin badges exclusive to the show so be sure to say hi!

Wargroove Pin

Thanks for stopping by folks, and see you next time!