The Four Factions: Dog

We’ve come to the end of our month of faction units! We’ve saved the most adorable for last – consider it a late Christmas present from us here at Chucklefish. It’s the Dog unit!

Dogs are a useful unit – they are cheap and can deal a surprising amount of damage, but are also quite fragile. Along with their high movement range, they are particularly well suited to first strike attacks. Their passive bonus also allows them to hunt in “packs” – if there is another allied Dog adjacent to your target then you’ll receive a damage bonus. Just don’t try to attack vehicles – they aren’t well suited for that.

Whether they are clad in armour or are missing bits of their flesh, one thing remains the same – the Dog unit is always a good boy.


This has been fun, Wargroove fans! I hope we can see you all in 2018! In the mean time, follow us on Twitter and have a great New Year!