Community Maps Spotlight #25

Spooky salutations to you all! I have emerged from my crypt to bring you more wonderful maps from the Wargroove community!

Before we dig into these fresh new entries, I wanted to let you guys know that some of our previous picks got updates since my last post!
* Xmo5’s map “Sidewinder” got updated to 1.5, which you can access with the code: XHMU23ZX
* Alx_kami’s “Thief Please” also got a snappy revision to version 1.5, which you can grab with: 9ZB4BZ9E
* Fadedsun’s “Safe Haven” has now hit version 1.3, which you can get with: H6642ZFZ

With those updates out of the way, let’s get to the newest highlights!

Bizarre Bazaar by Deminobody

1. Bizarre Bazaar by Deminobody – Code: NVZ6APEK
True to its name, this map centers on a grand bazaar that surround the players’ strongholds. Inaccessible to flying units and vehicles, you’ll need plenty of infantry or some well-positioned cavalry if you intend to win by taking them down.

Celestial Pioneer by Best Sakuya NA

2. Celestial Pioneer by Best Sakuya NA – Code: HWT5AMHZ
Back with another competitively-oriented skirmish map, Best Sakuya NA delivers on their usual quality here. Crossing the center can be fraught with peril, especially as with three barracks a side and a ban on vehicles, there likely won’t be many openings. Break through however, and victory is yours for the taking.

Triple Pass by DarkChieftain525

3. Triple Pass by DarkChieftain525 – Code: GF2W977N
I have something of a soft spot for smaller-scale skirmish maps that manage to give you meaningful decisions in your approach. Appropriately for a map this size, you won’t be bringing any trebuchets, ballista or riflemen to the fray, so I hope you’ve got confidence in your tactics with a smaller army!

Himilaya 1.2.1 by Wigkx

4. Himilaya 1.2.1 by Wigkx – Code: PA63GVWL
Air units can be very powerful on a map so mountainous, but if you can effectively control the center, you’ll have access to a wealth of targets with some very defensible positions to support you. That said, with trebuchets banned, controlling that central zone can be harder than it seems.

Portal Pressure by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made map: Portal Pressure by Armagon
Codes: 3LU3KKCG (Normal) ZECMKUEQ (No Commanders)
I wanted to take another stab at the multi-arena concept, but with a slightly different twist. With this map, there are only strongholds on the center battlefield, however all of the surrounding arenas have portals you can use to send units to this primary arena. You can only teleport a unit while your pedestal is unoccupied.

Aside from the resources the side arenas provide, some units are only available in these spaces. Want a dragon on the prime battlefield? You’d better be prepared to clear a path to one of the portals in the top-left arena. Wondering how to get those villages in the water behind your stronghold? I guess you’ll have to see if you can get an aquanaut through from the bottom-left! Could really use a trebuchet or ballista to fortify your back line? Only the barracks in the top-right arena can make those.

I’ve made a point of banning commanders whose grooves can impact the outer arenas, so your success in those crucial zones is going to be highly dependent on how well you manage your funds!

That’s it from me folks! I hope you all have an appropriately spooky Halloween and I’ll see you in the next spotlight!