Community Maps Spotlight #14

Hello everyone!

The seasons are changing, we thought we’d try to grab onto some of that summer sunshine and heat with custom Desert maps! We’ve asked the community to create, submit, and vote on their favorites.

Let’s check them out!

1. Battle for the Ruined Oasis by Nathan – Code: APRBYEGW

This wasn’t actually submitted, but a community map we found browsing the map editor! It’s a simple symmetrical map, with a center section which splits the map. Fog of war adds another layer of strategy to this 2 player tussle.

2. Income War V2.0 by VALAZ45 – Code: ZKYGA4E7

An older community map with a unique control style! Each player has a villager on the right side of the map. They take turns and move their villager to an arrow tile to spend money and purchase units. Then the player bought units have a turn on the battle field where they’re controlled by the AI. This map makes what units you purchase extra important, since the actual field movement is being done by the game not the player.

3. Urban Development V1.1 by TheHauntedLibrary – Code: 2JETJHEQ

The community choice winner for this theme is TheHauntedLibrary with their map titled ‘Urban Development’. In this balanced 2 player map severe weather limits ranged ground units effectiveness. The twist is that each village captured becomes a stronghold, so as each player expands they’ll add increasing points of vulnerability.

That’s it for this spotlight.

We’ve also got some very exciting news we’ll be sharing soon, for now we’ll leave you wondering…who could this be?

Till next time!