Community Maps Spotlight #33

Hello everyone, it’s that time again! I’m here to bring you some of the best maps that have come out of the Wargroove community, along with a fun bonus at the end. Lets jump in!

Cloak and Dagger 1.3 by Xmo5

1. Cloak and Dagger 1.3 by Xmo5 – Code: PUL243ZW
This is one of the most visually striking competitive maps I’ve seen from Xmo5. The flagstone dotting the landscape means you’ll want to play close attention to where your flying units can move as the dense forest and mountains create chokepoints for your ground troops. I found this to be really fun to play with fog-of-war enabled too!

Lash Out by Steinilese

2. Lash Out by Steinilese – Code: 9H9UW2DZ
It’s always a pleasure when I come across a well-made map from a name I’m not yet familiar with. With the strongholds fairly isolated from each player’s recruitment structures, you’ll need to balance your forces between attacking your opponent’s headquarters and defending your own. While the land is where most of the fighting is going to happen, take care not to disregard the surrounding sea lest a well-placed warship lays waste to all your plans.

In Memoriam v1.1 by Whargarbl

3. In Memoriam v1.1 by Whargarbl – Code: 4D2QVNDZ
By contrast to our second entry, Whargarbl is a regularly-featured mapper at this point. True to their usual form, this map is designed with competitive play in mind while using distinct decorations to help make the terrain more readable. You’ll want to make sure you have units ready to defend your Stronghold at any time, since the terrain surrounding each barracks ensures it takes at least a couple of turns for them to reach it.

The Badland Basins by Armagon

Bonus Dev-made Map – The Badland Basins by Armagon – Code: 6LSA63CJ
Since the community is already churning out excellent 1-on-1 maps on a consistent basis, I decided to continue on my train of 4P FFA mapmaking. My goal here was to make a map with high village density around the center to draw everyone in. Controlling the middle can mean a lot of income for you, but you’re also likely to draw the ire of all three of your opponents. Tread carefully!

That’s all for today’s maps, but there’s one last thing!
It’s no secret that we here at Chucklefish are big fans of the Advance Wars series, and that its absence as a franchise is a big part of what inspired us to make Wargroove in the first place. It’s for that reason I couldn’t resist giving a shout out to talented composer Varis Alpha, who recently created a remix of Wargroove’s main theme in the style of our inspirational predecessor.

If you enjoy this remix, Varis Alpha has done several others since Wargroove first launched two years ago, including themes for Mercia, Wulfar, Ragna and some more spoilery stuff you can find on their channel.

It seemed doubly good timing to share Varis’ work given the exciting news of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp coming at the end of the year courtesy of WayForward. As I’m sure you can imagine, we’re very excited to see the franchise make its return after all this time!

In any case, that’s all from me today! I wish you folks all the very best until next time!