Music Spotlight – Flashy Fumomancer

Hello, hello!

So in this music spotlight I’m bringing a track with quite a bit more pomp and flair than usual. These are rather fitting qualities, as today’s theme belongs to the flamboyant wielder of smoke magic, Vesper, whom we introduced shortly after EGX. As the primary antagonist of Wargroove: Double Trouble, she certainly brings theatrics to the proceedings, so we really wanted her song to match up to her spirit. Leave it to Phonetic Hero to fulfil that desire handily; for many on the Wargroove team, this track is a favourite!

You’ve probably noticed that there’s no whiff of that Celtic vibe that the last couple of themes had. While Vesper herself is an Outlaw, her origins and motivations are quite different to the other Outlaw Commanders, so it made sense for her style to differ from that of Wulfar and his children.

If you’re keen to hear more of Phonetic Hero’s work, you can listen to the original Wargroove soundtrack on our YouTube channel, and it’s available for purchase on all the major streaming platforms if you want to show the man some love!

At this point there’s only one track from the Double Trouble soundtrack left to reveal! It’s something more bouncy, lighthearted and playful, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all soon!