Music Spotlight – Towering Chieftain

G’day folks, hope your day’s treating you well!

From the get-go the desire for the Wargroove soundtrack was that each Commander would have a distinct track that would convey something about them, while still fitting the tone of the faction they represent. This is no small feat for a single composer, but it’s one that Phonetic Hero achieved with aplomb.

When it came to discussing what kind of vibes we wanted for the Outlaw Commanders in Wargroove: Double Trouble, we ultimately came to the conclusion that we wanted the tracks to have a distinctly Celtic flavour. This was a style that Phonetic Hero had very little experience with, and I must confess I wondered if we were being a little unreasonable in pushing for this direction; but after a bit of back and forth between him and the Wargroove team, eventually it all just clicked into place. Not only did he successfully deliver on those Celtic vibes that we desired, but he did it to an exceptionally high standard!

Today I’m pleased to bring you “Towering Chieftain”, the theme of the mighty Wulfar.

The versatility Phonetic Hero displays in his work is truly admirable, and I’m personally pretty stoked to be sharing more of his work with everyone! You can still listen to the original soundtrack on our YouTube channel, and if you want to show him your support, it’s available for purchase on all major streaming platforms.

There’s still more Double Trouble tracks to come, so be sure to check back soon!