Music Spotlight – Wild Flower

G’day folks!

Today’s song belongs to the Floran’s talented and most playful commander, Nuru. She may seem familiar to those of you who have played our first game, Starbound. Even among the Floran, her talents as a warrior are exceptional, so we really wanted her tenacious energy to come through in her track. As usual, Phonetic Hero has delivered on that vision with his usual skill and quality.

At this point, we’ve released all but one of the remaining factions’ tracks, so our soundtrack playlist over on the Chucklefish Youtube channel is sounding pretty good right now! With Wargroove’s Q1 release on the horizon, you can expect to hear the last of these tracks soon!

In another bit of fun news, our friends at Grasshopper Manufacture are releasing their new game, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes tomorrow! Not only is it from the mad mind of the fantastic Suda51 of Grasshopper Manufacture, but it allows for some fun player customization with tee shirts devoted to a whole bunch of indie games. If you squint hard enough you might notice a familiar someone from Wargroove making her digital tee shirt debut!

Don’t forget you can now wishlist Wargroove on Steam and take part in our Faction Quiz to find out where your allegiance lies on our updated website. Let us know your faction result!

Until next time!