Summer Update! v1.2.7, Mod Support, Merchandise & More

Summer’s hot Wargroove 2 news ⚔️

Hey Strategy Fans!

Wargroove 1.2.7 is here! Arriving with mod support, balancing updates and bug fixes, this update is a chunky one.

Balancing Updates

We noticed some Commanders were becoming too dominant due to how quickly their Tier 2 Grooves could be charged. To address this, we’re trying out some slower charge times for Emeric and Wulfar. Emeric now has a slow charge time, and Wulfar has been changed to a medium charge time.

We also found Valder’s Tier 2 was a little too powerful for our liking. Instead of double damage, we have now decreased damage to 1.5x to see how he performs in competitive settings.

We’re continuing to work out the sweet spot for Trebuchets, due to how dominant they can can be. In this update we’ve reduced the damage they do to structures by 15%

We’re actively monitoring Discord and Reddit for all feedback, so keep talking about your games and letting us know about your competitive highs and woes!

Bug Fixes

We’ve been addressing some critical issues, including game crashes that occurred after suspending multiplayer games and bugs that caused soft-locks when using certain gamepad buttons. Performance and functionality issues have been tackled for better stability.

We’ve also put a lot of work into mitigating connection errors and  solving filter menu issues to improve Multiplayer. Additionally, we’ve fixed various visual bugs and localisation issues to ensure consistency across different languages. Check out the patch notes at the bottom of this post for the full list of fixes!

Modding Support

Mod Support is now officially live! Previously available in the preview branch, our modding community have been testing Mod Support and making their own! We’re excited to feature some standout mods, including “Wargroove 2: Requiem Thrall,” which expands the Guardian faction, and “Wargroove Triple Trouble,” reintroducing the outlaw faction. For more details and to join the thriving modding community, visit our Discord server and check out the #modding channel.

Wargroove 1 + 2 Physicals

In other exciting news, May saw the release of a limited edition physical bundle of Wargroove 1 + 2 with Super Rare Games. Thanks to you folks, it sold out within 24 hours! For our fans in Japan, we also released another Wargroove 1 + 2 physical edition in collaboration with Happinet. It’s heartening to see such a warm reception for both editions worldwide!

Wargroove 2 Vinyl – Ship to Shore closure.

Unfortunately, Ship to Shore, the manufacturer and distributor of the Wargroove 2 vinyl has closed. Refunds for pre-orders of the vinyl ordered via Ship to Shore should have been processed, but if you haven’t received yours, please contact [email protected] with your order number. We are working on fulfilling any orders made through alternative store fronts. Stay tuned for updates – we’re committed to ensuring this isn’t the end of the journey for Wargroove 2 on vinyl!

The Yetee Merchandise

On a brighter note, we’ve partnered with The Yetee to release some awesome new Wargroove 2 merchandise. Be sure to check out their offerings to show off your Wargroove pride!

Release Notes

Gameplay Changes:

– Made Commander + Unit Balance Changes in 1.2.7

– Tier 2 now has slow charge time, increased from fast.

– Tier 2 now has a medium charge time, increased from fast.
– Tier 2 skeleton boost is 150% damage instead of 200% damage on all skeletons.
Trebuchet: Damage vs. structures reduce by 15%

Bug Fixes:

– Addressed the game crash that occurred after suspending a multiplayer game

– Resolved connection error that arose when a player exited the game by pressing the home button and then re-entering

– Fixed pressing unused gamepad buttons leading to a soft-lock in multiplayer map selection

– Fixed Cancel button stopped working after showing a validation error for user-generated maps

– Fixed performance issue when walking around on a story map for some extended time

– Fixed the game crash that followed leaving and re-entering the game using the Switch home button

– Rectified multiplayer filter menu issues with biomes erasing themselves and time of day being erased

– Resolved issues with Ancient warning lore being locked but lore title could be observed

– Fixed issue where Airtroopers could land on each other

– Fixed bug when killing an enemy harpy in a group kill with Nadia’s groove in the Rising Tide campaign Act 2 Mission 1: King’s Cove spawns a new riverboat on every enemy move 

– Addressed Russian localisation issues 

– Fixed instances where Conquest unlocks Achievement had a higher counter than number of actual unlocks

– Fixed render error for units with item equipped overlapping the map border area

– Fixed AI sometimes picking unit type it can’t afford with conversion school

– Event Editor showed missing strings – this has been resolved

– Resolved visual bugs with units equipped with items, especially if placed at the top of the map

– Resolved missing symbol in the Ancient warning, codex

– Conquest was taking 1 extra gold when buying units with Koji – this has been addressed

– Fixed malfunction of Elodie tentacles in the turn after taking over the Kraken – Kraken now untangles itself on the player’s turn when they regain control

– Revised the text description for marksman unit critical hit in languages other than English, which was showing as the WG1 description

– Key Artist has been localized in all languages

– Fixed shouts for Faahri and Pirate units, which were using the Floran variants in custom cutscene tools. 

– Rectified Pistil’s T2 groove spawning glowing orbs 

– Groove boost unlock now grants commanders the correct T1 groove

– Custom difficulty tile now stays selected if this was the last chosen difficulty setting

– Unlocking perks in conquest are now being saved properly 

– Dark Mercia Codex entries get unlocked after unlocking Dark Mecia with conquest shards

– Elodie now receives the groove boost perk when a player plays a long intro – this issue also affected Vesper and has now been resolved

– Resolved error that occurred when recruiting Air Trooper unit in A1M1 after closing the recruit menu

– Fixed inconsistent UI hint system for 4th puzzle in S2M4

– Bulrush objective is no longer marked as successful when Bulrush is attacked

– Fixed incorrect unit order for a spectator when the last human player resigns from a 4-player match

– Game crash during an interactive level while attempting to go back up the map has been addressed

– Solved Pistil bolt issue when it split into 2 or more

– Groove charges are now correct when using Groove Boost

– Emeric’s T2 groove effect no longer persists after the crystal dies

– Fixed issue where the close button in Mods tab was non-functional

– The issue with mod list text being invisible when not highlighted has been fixed