Commander Spotlight: Nadia the Pirate

Ahoy mateys!

I’m Hassan, the Narrative Designer on Wargroove 2! I’ve been responsible for expanding Aurania and the events happening within it since the first Wargroove. I’ve also led the charge in building the journeys of the new Commanders and factions we’ll meet in Wargroove 2!

When we revealed Wargroove 2 back in March, we also introduced the latest Commander to the Wargroove roster: Nadia, a notorious pirate known to her enemies as Captain Firebird.

Hailing from the Saffron Isles, Nadia leads a formidable crew of pirates who are feared for their ruthless raids and plundering of the islands surrounding Aurania. During Wargroove 2’s campaign you’ll get acquainted with Nadia’s crewmates, including the wanted men Janjak “The Ripper”, and the grinning devil Aki the “Akuma”.

Nadia and her crew often run afoul of the Heavensong Navy, who have several bounties out for Nadia and her rivals. But despite Heavensong’s bravado, they are still to this day terrified at the sight of the pirates’ skull and crossbones flag -iIt wasn’t long ago after all that Heavensong’s previous Emperor was killed by an army of undead skeletons.

While some commanders might prefer to stay back and let their armies do the dirty work, Nadia fearlessly charges into battle, wielding her signature flamethrower and striking fear into the hearts of her enemies, who believe she can command the sea itself.

Nadia’s Groove revolves around her flamethrower, which becomes increasingly powerful as it charges up. At tier 1, it can deal significant damage to a few enemies in close proximity. However, once fully charged, it becomes an unstoppable force, leaving a trail of scorch marks and burn damage in its wake.

Playing as Nadia requires a strategic approach, balancing the risks of putting her on the frontline with the rewards of her devastating attacks. But for those who are up for the challenge, she is an exciting and formidable addition to the Wargroove 2 roster.

Fun fact: Before Nadia had a flamethrower, she had a pet parrot! While we would have loved to keep this addition, once the flamethrower came into play we found Nadia had too many moving elements for the parrot to stay feasible. We miss you, dear parrot!

But while the parrot is no more, you might have already caught glimpses of Nadia’s pet battlepig named Nufnuf! 🐷 Pigs are basically the same as having a pet dog, right? Maybe we’ll share more on Nufnuf in a full Pirate Faction blog deepdive!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Nadia more when Wargroove 2 releases. In the meantime, we’ll have many more delightful development updates over on the Wargroove Twitter account, and our official Discord server.

Until next time!

– Robotality & Chucklefish