Community Maps Spotlight #15

Hi everyone!

Following the launch of our recent free expansion Wargroove: Double Trouble, we thought it would be a great time to highlight some more community-made maps for you all to download and try out for yourselves. These will also be featured in-game!

Psst, did you know that we’ve updated the Factions Quiz to include the Outlaws too now? Maybe you should give it another go…

1. Cold War by Connor – Code: DL3KNM7G

This is an interesting map layout – Cold War places your Stronghold in the immediate enemy territory, protected initially only by 2 trebuchets. There’s a central Tower for air unit recruitment, and a Hideout on either side to bring Riflemen and Thieves into the mix. We played this map local multiplayer, but the creator warns against trying out vs AI, which might start destroying its own Stronghold keep walls! Hopefully, the creator makes a v2 of this map to fix this.

2. A Call to the Faithful by CannibalRed1 – Code: PEZXSYPX

Another first-time custom mapmaker, this is a cool 1 player, with 2 allied AIs (Floran & Heavensong) vs the Felheim forces. The map has fog of war activated but supplies you with 2 battlepups initially to scout ahead. It’s a big map, so you’ll need to carefully plan your movements, and consider whether it’s always best to run to your allies’ rescue or save your own skin!

3. Dogball by Munrock – Code: QZEGHP4U

Ever thought to yourself, ‘you know what Wargroove’s missing? Weird football.‘ Yes? Then this is the custom map for you! This 1v1 mode challenges you with scoring points by getting the pup into the opponent’s goal, by any means possible… Don’t worry – the dog doesn’t take any damage! You start every turn with the dog under your opponent’s control, so you’ll need to tap it to bring it back onto your team and drive it towards the goal. Wulfar is definitely your star player, so make use of his Tee Off groove to lob the dog from the half-way line!

That’s all for today. If you’re making maps at the moment, do submit your wonderful designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the Community Choice Award winner next time! (Sorry, I forgot for this one – but am self-crowing Dogball!) And if you’re just in it for the map fodder, don’t forget to vote for your favourite.

Have fun all!