Community Maps Spotlight #17

Hi folks!

I’m among the many who are currently self-isolating, hoping all of you are well and keeping safe in this strange world we currently find ourselves in. If you’ve suddenly been graced with a lot more free time at home and could use some distraction; you should really check out some of the incredible stuff our community has been making! I’m here today to present some of the standouts!

Before we dive in, I wanted to give a shout out to Munrock, whose custom game mode ‘Dogball’ we featured a couple of spotlights ago. Since then, they’ve gone on to make a campaign version of the mode, featuring side maps that let you tailor the rules and commander selection to suit your own tastes. If you didn’t try Dogball before, it’s a blast to play with a friend, so definitely check it out: PBMQ4KY4

1. -Mercenary Chronicles: Wonder Oak by WhiteOrbison – Code: TJFLP9Y5

It’s not every day I come across campaigns as fully-realised as this one. It tells a story that follows a trio of protagonists who have taken up the mercenary life, and end up getting into all kinds of hijinks along the way. With over 40 maps, each with their own gameplay twists and polished cutscenes; this is a campaign you can sink your teeth into for some time!

2. Operation Deploy by X Naut Elite – Code: QCKHC5CD

If you want a four player map with something a little different to spice it up, Operation Deploy modifies the Wagon unit so that after moving they turn into a Barracks. The concept results in an ever-changing battlefield, with players able to establish new battlefronts wherever they wish. The trade-off of this gameplay mechanic is that when you move a wagon, any units left inside will die. That includes your Commander, so make sure you drop them off before ending the movement!

3. Agony by Best Sakuya NA – Code: 64NSGBYE

This 1v1 skirmish map has a compelling amount of strategic depth. While the main front will typically be situated around the strongholds, the plentiful resources along the water make for tempting targets as well. This gives the Aquanauts room to really shine as they can assist in controlling key positions along these fronts. You’ll likely find you want a good mixture of land, sea and air to shore up your weaknesses.

Bonus Dev-made map: The Sanguine Borderlands by Armagon – Code: MHWHURCU

Throwing my own hat in the ring here! Since the launch of Double Trouble I’ve been having a lot of fun trying my hand at making multiplayer-focused maps, and for this four player skirmish, my goal was to keep the overall scale of the map smaller, while keeping resources quite high. I hope you enjoy it!

That’s it for now! If you’re stuck inside making maps at the moment, do be sure to submit your wonderful designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the next Community Choice Award winner! Please be sure to share the love by upvoting your favourite on the thread. With our recently released video guides there’s really never been a better time to getting into making custom content in Wargroove.

Until next time!