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We’re excited to officially announce a very, very limited collector’s edition of Wargroove 1+2 for the Nintendo Switch storming in May 16th.

In collaboration with the wonderful guys at Robotality and Super Rare Games, we’ve produced a COMPLETE COLLECTION of these two critically acclaimed turn-based tactics classics for you to treasure.🏴‍☠️

In 2016, we set out to create a turn-based tactics game, driven by nostalgia for an era of handheld strategy games. Wargroove came to be, through a desire to capture the retro-feel of these titles, and a passionate community of tactics fans who cheered us on along the way.🧡

In 2020, we partnered with our great friends and strategy game developers at Robotality, with a vision of creating Wargroove 2. We expanded the world of Aurania, introducing new factions, stories and game modes.

The Wargroove series is one brimming with challenging, strategic gameplay that we couldn’t help but keep growing. It is our pleasure to bring you the full series: Wargroove, its DLC Double Trouble and its sequel Wargroove 2 all in a single cartridge, to play on handhelds, just as we loved to do on our Game Boy Advances.

The Physical Nintendo Switch Edition of Wargroove 1+2 invades on May 16th with:

  • Unique Box Art featuring original artwork by Lucas “Midio” Tafuri.
  • Region Free cart containing Wargroove, it’s DLC Double Trouble, and its sequel Wargroove 2
  • 2 Sets of Wargroove Trading Cards 
  • 2 Exclusive Wargroove Stickers
  • 1 Exclusive Wargroove Postcard

Pre-Orders will be live May 16th on the Super Rare Games website and will retail for the following:

  • £36.00 GBP
  • 37.47$ USD
  • €41.86 EUR

You might wanna be quick, as there’s an extremely limited run of only 4000 copies worldwide!

Thank you all for all of your continued support!🧡

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Hi everyone!

We’re excited to announce that Wargroove 2 will be taking part in this Steam Next Fest. That means you’ll be able to play the demo from June 19th – 26th, starting at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 7pm CEST / 2am JST / 1am CST.

The demo will be playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese (Japanese players, we’ll have news for you soon!).

In this demo we’re giving you a look at Conquest, a single-player roguelike mode completely new to Wargroove 2, as well as access to online and local co-op Multiplayer skirmishes! If you played the PAX Wargroove 2 demo, fear not, we’re made some changes based on initial player feedback, and have new commanders on the roster: Caesar, Mercia, Emeric and Dark Mercia.

Check out the Steam Next Fest demo teaser trailer here:

What’s Conquest mode?

Hands up if you crave permadeath! 🙌 In Conquest you’ll take on quick-paced, bite-sized battles, where every choice is permanent. Once you’ve selected your starting troop, plan your route to victory as you take on a series of challenges, leading up to the demo’s boss. 

The Steam Next Fest demo is of course an early snapshot of what you can expect from Conquest mode in the full game – with more trials to unlock with various Commanders, as you climb the ranks of this new challenging game mode!

What’s changed since the PAX East demo build?
We’ve made a few exciting changes to the build since our PAX demo, which we did a progress update on last month. Those changes are finally ready, with a changelist that includes:

  • Lucky Coins (previously Blessings) are permanent
  • Instead of one commander, you pick your commander at the beginning of the conquest. 5 commanders in total available. Selection is randomized.
  • New items
  • Rebalanced progression in conquest mode
  • Conquest is a bit longer overall (2 elite fights)
  • New events (there’s a couple of new mystery events, merchant events and heal events)
  • Dedicated recruit events (with randomized capacities)
  • Lots of UI Tweaks + new UI elements
  • Improved controller support
  • Free Move mode has been added: In non-combat maps you can move around freely without turns.
  • Improved/fixed AI in Fog of War (they don’t cheat quite as directly any more)

How do I start a Multiplayer game?

In this demo you can play both Online and Local Multiplayer modes with up to 4 players, with a limited number of Commanders old and new alike at your disposal (you might notice though that we’re keeping a few a secret for now!)

To kickstart a match, select ‘Multiplayer’ from the menu and select either Local or Online. For an Online match, you can join a friend’s match by selecting the button to the bottom right and join with a code, or host a New Match and have a friend (or stranger!) join your game.
Looking for people to play with? Join our Discord and find folks who want to play!

What else will be in the full game?

  • 6 Factions with 22 Commanders
  • 3 Campaigns, interwoven by an explosive conclusion
  • 5 new units, bringing the total unit types to 26
  • Conquest mode – the new roguelike game mode
  • Local and Online Multiplayer
  • Map & custom campaign creation tools
  • Original OST by Dale North
  • French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese localisation

Where can I share feedback?Thank you for checking out our game! Please feel free to share any demo feedback you have in this Steam Forums thread. If you enjoyed the demo, and want to find out more about Wargroove 2, find us on Twitter or come and join the official Wargroove Discord. The development team often pops in to answer questions and share insights on the game’s development. Lastly, be sure to wishlist the game for a notification as soon as the full game is available later this year!

Enjoy the demo!

-Chucklefish & Robotality

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Today we are extremely excited to announce that we’ve been working in collaboration with the team at Robotality (creators of Pathway and Halfway) to bring you the much-anticipated Wargroove 2!

Check out our swish new logo 👀

The extremely talented, strategy game veterans at Robotality have been not-so quietly working away to bring you an all-new kickass Wargroove experience. So get your sword and shield ready for the return of the series’ signature turn-based strategy gameplay, filled with new mechanics and modes to master, an exciting all-new campaign to discover, and a lovable cast of new Commanders to try out on the battlefield. Without further ado… check out the trailer:

About Wargroove 2

Trouble stirs on the shores of Aurania. An ambitious new faction has unearthed forbidden relics capable of catastrophic consequences. But how far will they go to achieve glory? Take to the field, sea, and sky with a cast of new Commanders, using your wits to wage turn-based war!

  • An all-new Wargroove adventure for new recruits and veteran wardogs alike!
  • Return to the frontline with new Commanders, as mysterious new factions join the fight
  • Commanders are more powerful than ever, with an all-new tiered Groove system
  • Follow 3 new Campaign arcs, interwoven in a fierce conclusion
  • Battle with or against your friends in Co-Op & Multiplayer mode, locally or online for up to 4 players
  • Put your strategic abilities to the test with a new roguelike mode – Conquest!
  • Develop new tactics with 5 new unit types to master
  • Level-up ordinary units by picking up special items
  • Get more creative than ever with new & improved map, campaign & cutscene editors
  • Captivating soundtrack written by composer Dale North (Nintendo eShop, Disney Wish, River City Girls 1 & 2, RWBY Arrowfell)

The extended Wargroove universe is E for everyone meaning that you don’t need to have completed Wargroove 1 in order to play Wargroove 2. Pick up and play on your own terms, in your own time, at your own pace. And if you fancy giving Wargroove 2 a go, click here!

In the meantime, if you’re ever stuck or want a buddy to play with, we have a thriving Discord community of old and new players looking to enjoy the game with you. Not on Discord? Follow us on Twitter where you can find the latest updates with bonus emojis.

We’ll be updating with blogs, tweets and behind-the-scenes content going forward, so keep your eyes peeled!

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The Best of Buddies

He protec, he attac, but most importantly, he best bud.

We have some fun news for you today. Everyone’s favourite canine Commander is making his second cross-over into another video game realm!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Caesar will be buddying along in Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition!

Rivals of Aether is an indie fighting game, with a fantastic competitive online community, based around the elemental powers of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The game already features other wonderful indie champions you may have heard of, such as Ori, Sein and Shovel Knight!

Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition launches on Steam and Nintendo Switch tomorrow, September 24th, so be sure to unlock him for free using Aether Coins, gained through in-game playtime, on either version!

Special thanks to Dan Fornace and the Rivals team for letting Caesar become a part of their amazing game universe – we’re sure he’ll keep the bravest of warriors company. You can find out more about Rivals and the team on twitter or their website.

Before we go, if you’ve for some reason been holding out on picking up Wargroove on Nintendo Switch for some on-the-go strategic play, you may want to keep your eyes peeled on the Nintendo Switch eShop next week…

Bye for now!

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Hi everyone,

We’ve got some exciting news to share – our *free* content update Wargroove Double Trouble, is now available on PlayStation 4! All you’ll have to do is hit the download button on the main menu and it’s all yours! Free!

This also means that crossplay with PlayStation 4 is coming to Wargroove! PlayStation players will be able to join their friends on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC and as well as share their maps and campaigns. Including DLC maps!

We’re extremely excited to be able to bring all our players together! With this update anyone with the game can play with their friends – regardless of system.

Don’t forget that the Wargroove Deluxe Edition physical is available now for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The Deluxe Edition includes a physical cart/disc copy of the game, a downloadable version of the Wargroove soundtrack by Phonetic Hero and Boss Battle Records, a Commander sprite sticker sheet, a poster map of Aurania (Outlaw version!), a mini Strategy Manual with stats and tips on all units (available in English, French, Italian, German & Spanish) as well as a reversible coversheet!

That’s it for now folks. Keep following for news about Wargroove in general on Twitter, Discord, and the Wargroove subreddit!

Till next time!

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Caesar Em’barks on a new mission in TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE

We’re excited to be teaming up with the team at Japan-based studio, Area 35, on a brand new free DLC campaign for strategy title TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE, featuring Wargroove‘s majestic armoured dog Commander, Caesar!

As big fans of turn-based tactics and the awesome games that Area 35 make, adding Caesar to the TINY METAL ranks feels like a match made in Heavensong.

You won’t be waiting long either – TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE – Caesar’s Rescue DLC is available for *FREE* on Nintendo Switch and PC tomorrow (Thursday March 12th, 2020)!



  • TINY METAL’s very own Nora must team up with everyone’s favourite magnificent and majestic canine Commander in order to save the world, in a brand-new DLC campaign
  • Outmanoeuvre enemies to help Caesar get back home to the Kingdom of Cherrystone
  • Caesar brings a brand-new pixel art visuals in signature Wargroove style to the characters of TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE as pixelation spreads across the globe
  • Players of the DLC campaign will be given an initial set of units which will be used throughout all 5 DLC chapters. Use survivalist tactics and Caesar’s inspiring nature to ensure as many units as possible make it through to the very end!

Find out more:

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Hammer Time

Hello everyone,

We teased a reveal a few days ago, and as some of you correctly guessed it’s a new Commander which will be available in the upcoming Wargroove DLC! We can’t share all the DLC details, but we can confirm it’ll be available very soon – and will be completely *free* for anyone who owns the base game!!

Meet Wulfar, an Outlaw Chief. Anyone who’s played through the game’s main campaign should familiar with units from the Outlaw faction – but our heroes have never encountered an Outlaw commander!

Wulfar is the Chief of the largest and oldest Outlaw clan in Aurania. He stands enormously tall and uses his colossal strength to wield his weapon of choice – a massive stone hammer. It may seem a clumsy instrument, but years of training allow him to wield it with expert precision.

He comes from a long line of pirates and thieves – and uses his flexibility and adaptability to overcome opponents in battle. Though many are intimidated by his towering physique, Wulfar’s strong resolve, quick thinking, and clever problem solving are the reasons his Outlaw clan follows him.

Wulfar’s groove uses his hammer like a supercharged golf club, launching his target across the map, dealing damage to both the target and any enemies they land near. With one fell swoop of the hammer, Wulfar can launch ground units into the ocean to immediately defeat them or swing at allies to reposition them during battle.

We’ll be sharing more details about the DLC over the next few weeks! If you’re in the London area, we’ll be showing off the new content at EGX 2019! We’ll be there in person talking to players, so if you’re attending be sure to say hello and get a sneak peak. If you want to chat with us online and share thoughts about the latest Wargroove news you can find us on the Wargroove Discord.

We’ll be streaming the DLC soon as well – so make sure to follow us on twitch to get notified when we do!

You can follow updates about the DLC and Wargroove in general on Twitter, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

Till next time!

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Soundtrack and merchandise available now!

Wargroove Vinyl Soundtrack

Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order
Wargroove’s amazing soundtrack was developed by Pete Lepley (aka Phonetic Hero) and will be distributed by Boss Battle Records. We’ve shared a number of the tracks on our blog and through Youtube, but now the entire Soundtrack is available to pre-order! We’ve been working really closely with Pete throughout the development of the game, and have been so impressed with his work. We can’t wait for everyone to have the opportunity to get their hands on it!

We asked Pete and Boss Battle Record’s founder Fabian Malabello to share some thoughts about their work on the project.

Pete: I’m a huge fan of Advance Wars, and writing the music for Wargroove was something of a dream project. Albeit challenging, providing additional character for each of the commanders, their factions, and the world of Aurania was my absolute pleasure and I’m deeply proud of all the work that’s gone into the soundtrack. Chucklefish has made something special and incredibly charming in Wargroove, and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to aid in its creation. Hope you all enjoy the music!

Fabian: Working with Pete (Phonetic Hero), and being able to watch and support his creative development over the last two years, as he worked on Wargroove’s soundtrack, has been a positively rewarding experience. Pete pushed personal boundaries and left his creative comfort zone to produce an admirably world-class original soundtrack. The music adds an entire dimension of relatability to the characters, and in addition to Chucklefish’s brilliant design, and the fantastic voice acting, Wargroove is going to be a tactics game for the ages. I truly believe Pete is set to be one of the most sought after indie game composers of our time, and look forward to seeing what paths open up thanks to the team at Chucklefish

You can preview and pre-order the album now on bandcamp! There’s also a vinyl press of the soundtrack available for pre-order with custom art and a beautiful package produced by our awesomely talented friends at The Yetee.

Speaking of The Yetee…

Wargroove Merchandise
We’d partnered with The Yetee to produce merchandise for both Starbound and Stardew Valley – so when they approached us to brainstorm some merchandise for Wargroove we knew they’d be a great partner.

In addition to the vinyl soundtrack, they’ve produced some amazing tee designs, hangable banners with a crest for each faction, sticker sheets of units, and chunky PVC pins for 12 of Wargroove’s commanders! You can view the full product line up on their Wargroove collection page.

Here’s one of the tee designs – appropriately called ‘PupGroove’ – showing off each faction’s good boys.


You can purchase these individually or show your love for a specific faction by bundling products together! We LOVE how these all came out and couldn’t be more excited to share them with you all.

We’ve also got these all listed on our shiny new Store Page on the Chucklefish site. We’ll be updating it as we get more products available!!

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Xbox Pre-Orders Now Live!

Hi everyone!

PHEW, what a day yesterday was! It was fantastic seeing all of your responses to our release date announcement (Feb 1st, in case you missed it!), and we now can’t wait for the launch to roll around so you can all join us for some online skirmishes.

As of today, you can now also pre-order Wargroove on the Xbox store, where the game will also be launching Feb 1st on Xbox One!

And those of you Switch players out there, don’t forget you can also pre-purchase and pre-download the game straight to your devices ahead of the release day.

We wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the team over at Blitworks who have worked with the team here at Chucklefish to help bring Wargroove to Xbox One and PS4. They’ve been a great support and it has been a pleasure as always working with them.

We’ll sign off for now, but do keep an eye out for impromptu livestreams over on our Twitch and Mixer channels between now and launch. Feel free to also drop by our Discord to say hello and chat to the dev team! And did you all spot a certain new addition to the Wargroove cast in the Cinematic Trailer…?

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Wargroove launches February 1st!

Wargroove is almost here!

It’s been a long time coming, and after several delays (typical Chucklefish) we’re proud to announce that Wargroove will be available on February 1st on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, priced at £15.99 / $19.99 / 16.99€, and playable in 10 languages – with PS4 and news of the release date coming soon.

You can even pre-purchase (and pre-download) Wargroove on Nintendo Switch right now!

Wargroove has grown substantially since it was first announced and has become a massive, fully featured package that we hope you’ll love. Take a look below at the Cinematic Trailer we revealed in today’s Nintendo Indie Highlights Showcase, featuring an incredible animation from The Line and keep an eye out for the release trailer dropping on February 1st.

Everyone at Chucklefish is truly humbled by the support we’ve received throughout the development of Wargroove, and the encouragement to keep going until we were truly happy with the game. Wargroove is Chucklefish’s second in-house project and with the quality of its art, sound and technical achievements we’ve also seen our own progress as developers reflected in its outcome. We’ve come to realise that for a game to succeed it can’t be anything less than a labour of love. We hope Wargroove will challenge and delight you in equal measure.

As we see out the final days before release, join us on our discord server and hang out with the dev team! We’ll also be scheduling some livestreams in the run-up to launch, so keep your eyes peeled

Don’t forget – you can wishlist the game on Steam and pre-purchase the game and pre-download on Nintendo Switch today!

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