Birds of a Feather

Hey everyone! Here’s a gif of a new unit I’ve been animating – the Harpy!

The Harpy is versatile – it is one of the cheaper flying units and is effective against both airborne and ground units. With its strong mobility, unhindered by terrain, it makes for a strong counter against cavalry units. Watch out for those talons!

I’ve been developing the Harpy unit in preparation for our first publicly playable build, which we will be showcasing at EGX Rezzed 2017 next week! We’ll be showing it alongside some of our partnered games, so if you’re visiting, come say hi!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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Commander Spotlight – Mercia

Hey everyone! I’m Jay from Chucklefish, and I’m excited to be kicking off the Wargroove development blog! It’s going to be a fun journey, and we’re excited for fans to be able to see what we’re working on from behind the scenes.

The Commanders are at the heart of Wargroove – a cast of exciting and energetic characters who each have their own distinct personalities and motivations. As well as acting as your avatars in-game, your Commanders will also be able to fight alongside your army as powerful units on the field. Be careful though, for if they fall, the battle is lost! Here’s a look at the first of our Commanders.

"I guess you missed my coronation yesterday?"

Queen Mercia is the young daughter of King Mercival II, the legendary and beloved ruler of the Cherrystone Kingdom. She is well-meaning, but inexperienced in the matters of diplomacy. Much more comfortable on the battlefield than on the throne, she hopes she can use her energetic and fearless spirit to rule the country she has now inherited, and gain the respect of those around her.


In battle, Mercia charges in with her mighty greatsword. It probably isn’t a great idea to underestimate her based on her friendly demeanour…

If you haven’t already, follow Wargroove on Twitter! Until next time, have a fun week!

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Announcing Wargroove!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Wargroove developer’s blog!

We’ve been teasing some new projects for a few months now, fighting the urge to spill all the beans about what we’re working on. Keeping secrets is hard! So it’s super fortunate that today, we’ve been able to announce our new title, Wargroove, coming to PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2017. 🙂

We’ll be using this blog to post updates throughout Wargroove’s development — concept art, new character reveals, details about in-game systems, that sort of thing! Watch this space!

If you missed the details of today’s announcement, here’s our trailer!

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