Community Maps Spotlight #20

G’day folks! Thanks for stopping by!

Choosing the player creations to shout out in these spotlights isn’t getting any easier. Narrowing the selection down to just a handful is always tricky, but at the end of the day, these were the entries that stood out most this month!
1. RAGNA’S ROULETTE! V1.6 by X Naut Elite – Code: X6X5KNMN

This free-for-all scenario is all about Ragna causing random events to each player at the start of their turn that can help or hinder them. This can include things like: being forced to give gold to an opponent, receiving free units of various types, having your groove meter charged or drained, having your commander’s ability to take action blocked, damaging or repairing your units and structures, converting a random unit type to belong to one of your opponents, the list goes on. Ragna herself may even come to your aid for one turn with a fully charged groove. There’s a lot of variety and I suspect I’ve yet to see all the possibilities myself. It seems like great fun so long as you don’t take the match too seriously, since everyone is equally at the mercy of the roulette spin.

2. Hollow’s Land by xxparisite08 – Code: G75EX7B7

The density of forests and mountains on this skirmish map made it super interesting with our recently revised fog of war. With multiple avenues of approach for both sides, what route will you take?

Community Choice Award: GOW4 Puzzles by Caparo – Code: YG89S4E6

This campaign houses a fantastic set of challenging puzzles based off situations that arose during the Groove of War community’s fourth tournament. Each puzzle represents a real match where the opportunity existed to snatch victory in one crazy turn. In some matches these victories were actually achieved, and in others these opportunities were missed. Completing these puzzles can require some pretty outside-the-box thinking that will force you to carefully consider all possible options and the order which you use them. I have personally verified that all of these are 100% beatable and had a great time figuring them out.

Bonus Dev-made map: The Ebon Peaks by Armagon – Code: A9WU49MJ
I still find myself dabbling with multiplayer maps in my downtime. I wanted to make a more competitively-oriented skirmish with the volcano biome and ended up arriving at this. I hope you guys like it!

That’s it for today! If you’re making Wargroove content, be sure to submit your efforts on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the next Community Choice Award winner! Please be sure to share the love by upvoting your favourite on the thread. With our introductory video guides there’s really never been a better time to get into making your own levels!

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend and continue to look after yourselves and each other. See you next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #19

Hey y’all, it’s great to see you! I hope the day finds you well.

We’ve been happy to see the recent fog of war changes going over well with players, and the mapping community is still going strong with lots of new custom content being shared every day. If you’re in need of distraction, I’ve got some quality picks from the community for you, right here!
1. Cytosis 1.6 by Xmo5 – Code: QHT5JSC7

This map sees players racing for resources, which quickly gives way to heated conflicts as the players’ armies grow. Ignoring any front may spell defeat!

2. Blunder Water v0 by Daehphone – Code: 6FWDGTBX

This is a versus scenario with a fun twist! Owning a riverside village will lower the adjacent drawbridges, allowing units to cross, but neutralising them will cause the drawbridges to be raised. This adds an interesting element of risk, as any ground units standing on these drawbridges when they’re raised will fall into the water and be eliminated! You’d better watch your step!
Community Choice Award: The 41 Alliance + Mega Squad by ShadowMarioXLI – Code: JWZJ9LPK

This fully featured campaign revolves around a Discord community, and is filled with all the in-jokes, memes and references that such a thing entails. I was impressed by how well it was put together and the variety in the mission design. I might not have been able to fully appreciate the community dynamics it was referencing, but I had a good time playing this campaign and I think you will too!

Bonus Dev-made map: Yorthendon Citadel 2.0 by Armagon – Code: XEAJEZQT

Back when Wargroove first launched, I had shared a version of this map that at the time that I was pretty proud of, but there were things I felt I could have done better, and I’d always meant to come back and improve it, so I’ve done just that! As I set to work, my efforts were turning into much more than a quick revision, with large swathes of it being redesigned from the ground up. I think the result makes for a much more compelling battlefield; hopefully you will too!

That’s it for now! If you’re making Wargroove content, be sure to submit your efforts on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the next Community Choice Award winner! Please be sure to share the love by upvoting your favourite on the thread. With our introductory video guides there’s really never been a better time to get into making your own levels!

Until next time!

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V2.1.0 Out Now! (Competitive Patch & Bug Fixes)

Hey folks,

Hurray! Today we’re launching v2.1.0 across PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This patch mainly focuses on competitive play and online bug fixes. Thanks to our friends at Groove of War for the feedback!

Gameplay Balancing:

  • Fog of War sight ranges reduced across the board
  • Single Player and Co-op campaign balance changes due to sight range reduction
  • When a unit is ambushed and ends on a neutral unit, it will backtrack instead of dying
  • Nuru’s groove charge rate reduced from fast to medium
  • Spectator can now spectate online campaign matches


  • End current campaign map from lobby screen command added. If you’ve been experiencing issues continuing your online campaign, visit this thread for more info
  • Added 45 Minute Chess Timer option
  • Only hosts can add CPU players to multiplayer matches
  • Event Editor actions that remove or modify units can now affect units in transports
  • Event Editor conditions that check for unit presence now include units in transports

Bug fix:

  • Save/resume desync bug in online matches
  • Harpoon ships don’t die on reefs when its raining
  • Spearman in the Act 1 Mission 3 tutorial now spawns in correct location
  • Outlaw faction units now correctly display the codex button

We haven’t forgotten about you, PlayStation players! A combination of submission mishaps and the current pandemic have meant that Double Trouble has been delayed for longer than we would have liked. We hope to be able to bring you the DLC soon and will let you know a date as we can. Thank you for being patient!

Also don’t forget, you can come hang out with us over on Discord or Twitter.

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Community Maps Spotlight #18

G’day folks!

As we at Chucklefish continue working from home and responsibly practise social distancing, we’re hoping you’re all safe and healthy! For my part, it’s been wonderful to see that so many people in our community are still churning out fantastic custom content, and I’m here again to share some of the best!

Before delving into today’s entries, I wanted to give a shout out to Derek, whose custom campaign  ‘TinyGrooveCS’ was the winner of the Community Choice Award last month. Since then, they’ve updated the campaign once more to version 3, so if you missed it the first time, be sure to check it out: EX64VEEQ

1. Pinwheel Plains by Braeden – Code: DD2SDQVA

This giant pinwheel can turn into a real blender, as four players must contend for control of the centre where additional Barracks and a lone Tower reside.

2. Agent’s Legacy v1.0 by tst5381 – Code: YJJETQ9E

This clever puzzle map sees Sedge taking on the role of an agent, trying to break in and reach the treasure in a single turn. The twist is that every enemy he takes down with Sadistic Rush will be revived as his own unit, so you have to work out what units will help you move forward while still leaving targets for Sedge to finish off.

Community Choice Award: Ryota Chess Mini – 9×9 [Ver1.0R] by Alsame – Code: NLET6H85

This custom game mode is just perfect for practising with Ryota’s groove, Blade Dash. Both players are put in control of the Heavensong general with his groove always charged, but with his health locked at 1% while all other units function as normal. Ryota Chess is all about trying to pick off the the highly vulnerable opposing Ryota while keeping your own safe. Careful consideration of unit positioning has never been more important, since all units and structures can be used for dashes by both players. All it takes is one mistake to lose the game, which results in some real nail-biting tension as the field fills up with units. Just watch out for those death pits in the corners of the map! If any of your units end their move standing in them, you lose!

Bonus Dev-made map: The Fordtara Icelands by Armagon – Code: V3HNH7YC

After making a bunch of larger-scale maps, I decided to dial it back for this one. With a relatively low economy, and a singular barracks and tower on each side, losing even one village to your opponent can really hurt here! Hope you guys like it!

That’s it for now! If you’re making Wargroove content, be sure to submit your efforts on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the next Community Choice Award winner! Please be sure to share the love by upvoting your favourite on the thread. With our recently released video guides there’s really never been a better time to get into making your own levels!

Until next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #17

Hi folks!

I’m among the many who are currently self-isolating, hoping all of you are well and keeping safe in this strange world we currently find ourselves in. If you’ve suddenly been graced with a lot more free time at home and could use some distraction; you should really check out some of the incredible stuff our community has been making! I’m here today to present some of the standouts!

Before we dive in, I wanted to give a shout out to Munrock, whose custom game mode ‘Dogball’ we featured a couple of spotlights ago. Since then, they’ve gone on to make a campaign version of the mode, featuring side maps that let you tailor the rules and commander selection to suit your own tastes. If you didn’t try Dogball before, it’s a blast to play with a friend, so definitely check it out: PBMQ4KY4

1. -Mercenary Chronicles: Wonder Oak by WhiteOrbison – Code: TJFLP9Y5

It’s not every day I come across campaigns as fully-realised as this one. It tells a story that follows a trio of protagonists who have taken up the mercenary life, and end up getting into all kinds of hijinks along the way. With over 40 maps, each with their own gameplay twists and polished cutscenes; this is a campaign you can sink your teeth into for some time!

2. Operation Deploy by X Naut Elite – Code: QCKHC5CD

If you want a four player map with something a little different to spice it up, Operation Deploy modifies the Wagon unit so that after moving they turn into a Barracks. The concept results in an ever-changing battlefield, with players able to establish new battlefronts wherever they wish. The trade-off of this gameplay mechanic is that when you move a wagon, any units left inside will die. That includes your Commander, so make sure you drop them off before ending the movement!

3. Agony by Best Sakuya NA – Code: 64NSGBYE

This 1v1 skirmish map has a compelling amount of strategic depth. While the main front will typically be situated around the strongholds, the plentiful resources along the water make for tempting targets as well. This gives the Aquanauts room to really shine as they can assist in controlling key positions along these fronts. You’ll likely find you want a good mixture of land, sea and air to shore up your weaknesses.

Bonus Dev-made map: The Sanguine Borderlands by Armagon – Code: MHWHURCU

Throwing my own hat in the ring here! Since the launch of Double Trouble I’ve been having a lot of fun trying my hand at making multiplayer-focused maps, and for this four player skirmish, my goal was to keep the overall scale of the map smaller, while keeping resources quite high. I hope you enjoy it!

That’s it for now! If you’re stuck inside making maps at the moment, do be sure to submit your wonderful designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the next Community Choice Award winner! Please be sure to share the love by upvoting your favourite on the thread. With our recently released video guides there’s really never been a better time to getting into making custom content in Wargroove.

Until next time!

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A Guide to Multiplayer Map Design

Hi guys, senior level designer Armagon, back again!

Yesterday I unveiled the first of our map editor video guides. Now today, as promised, I have the next one locked and loaded for you!

This second video takes a deep dive into how to design a skirmish map with competitive play in mind. When writing this guide, I received valuable input from some of our most dedicated competitive mapmakers in the Groove of War community, so I have confidence in this guide as a good starting point.

Hopefully these first two videos will prove useful to you folks! They took quite a bit of time for me to write and produce, but I’ve already started preparations on the third, so I’m hoping to get it to you before too long. In the meantime, be sure to let us know what you’re most interested in learning next! I’ll be looking to tackle the topics that benefit the most people across the board, so let your voices be heard!

Come talk to us over on TwitterDiscord and the Wargroove subreddit.

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Hey everybody, senior level designer, Armagon here!

In the wake of Wargroove: Double Trouble being released, I’ve been tackling something of a personal project at Chucklefish; something that I’m hoping will prove useful to a lot of our players, or at least those who are interested in making their own content with the game’s robust tools. Today I’m pleased to be releasing the first of several video guides on using Wargroove’s map editor!

This first video is ideal for beginners who are new to the editor and want to know how to set up their map, and how to use the most essential tools to start laying things down.

If you like what you see, be sure to come back tomorrow for our second video which will delve into how to design your own multiplayer maps!

Talk to us over on Twitter, Discord and the Wargroove subreddit.

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Community Maps Spotlight #16

Hey all!

We hope you’re all well and keeping safe. We know a lot of you out there are social distancing and working from home (we are too!) so what better time than now to work on a new custom map idea, or try out some of the finest the community has to offer!

Before we get going, we also wanted to give a quick shout out to Connor, whose map ‘Cold War’ was featured in our last Spotlight. They’ve since updated the map to v2 and are keen to get players feedback – check it out: SG22XSDQ

1. Golf Quest by Cole – Code: NTLFF3PH

It’s always great to see players creating their own custom campaigns, especially when they feature our new Commander, Wulfar, and his excellent golf skills. In this fantastic campaign by Cole, you’ll need to make strategic use of the Tee-Off groove to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy side, finishing them off if necessary with your troop’s attacks. It wouldn’t be battle golf without a little challenge though – each level will also give you a certain Par limit to complete the round in before certain defeat. It’s not only an ingenious design though, Golf Quest is also fully decked out with a fun story, ‘boss’ battles and some great cut-scenes! We highly recommend giving this one a shot.

2. Nexus v1.01 by Fadedsun – Code: GPELK34V

If you’re looking for a competitive map with a fun twist, then Groove of War community member, Fadedsun, has you covered! Nexus is designed for PvP and features player-owned portals, which aid you to quickly teleport across to the other side of the map if you ‘wait’ on them. It’s a fun gimmick and seems to be getting quite popular in the competitive scene. Although it functions similarly to a skirmish, don’t forget that you’ll need to select it from the ‘scenario’ tab in order to play.

Community Choice Award: TinyGroove CS V2 by Derek – Code: RY465HHM

Wow, now this crowd-sourced custom campaign is a massive feat (and it’s still in ongoing development)! TinyGroove CS is a great example of some of the new Wargroove: Double Trouble content and editor updates being put to good use. The campaign follows the story of Nuru who has crashed landed her spaceship in the volcanic wastelands of Aurania, and needs to seek out and reclaim broken parts to fix her ship. During the mission new objectives will pop up as they’re available, encouraging you to tackle the map in a different way. Each mission also has an accompanying YouTube video which shows creator Derek doing a playthrough, providing the map solution and also revealing how it was made. You can check out the first video here. Derek is hoping to update TinyGroove CS with new missions based on community feedback and ideas, so get involved!

Bonus Dev-made map: Roasting Wastes by Armagon – Code: 9TZ8HEJJ

Psst, our Technical Designer Armagon has also been working on some competitively-orientated maps for the community to try out. Here’s one of his latest, a 4 player free-for-all, designed using the volcano biome!

That’s it for now! If you’re stuck inside making maps at the moment, do be sure to submit your wonderful designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the next Community Choice Award winner! Please be sure to share the love by upvoting your favourite on the thread.

Until next time!

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Caesar Em’barks on a new mission in TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE

We’re excited to be teaming up with the team at Japan-based studio, Area 35, on a brand new free DLC campaign for strategy title TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE, featuring Wargroove‘s majestic armoured dog Commander, Caesar!

As big fans of turn-based tactics and the awesome games that Area 35 make, adding Caesar to the TINY METAL ranks feels like a match made in Heavensong.

You won’t be waiting long either – TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE – Caesar’s Rescue DLC is available for *FREE* on Nintendo Switch and PC tomorrow (Thursday March 12th, 2020)!



  • TINY METAL’s very own Nora must team up with everyone’s favourite magnificent and majestic canine Commander in order to save the world, in a brand-new DLC campaign
  • Outmanoeuvre enemies to help Caesar get back home to the Kingdom of Cherrystone
  • Caesar brings a brand-new pixel art visuals in signature Wargroove style to the characters of TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE as pixelation spreads across the globe
  • Players of the DLC campaign will be given an initial set of units which will be used throughout all 5 DLC chapters. Use survivalist tactics and Caesar’s inspiring nature to ensure as many units as possible make it through to the very end!

Find out more:

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Community Maps Spotlight #15

Hi everyone!

Following the launch of our recent free expansion Wargroove: Double Trouble, we thought it would be a great time to highlight some more community-made maps for you all to download and try out for yourselves. These will also be featured in-game!

Psst, did you know that we’ve updated the Factions Quiz to include the Outlaws too now? Maybe you should give it another go…

1. Cold War by Connor – Code: DL3KNM7G

This is an interesting map layout – Cold War places your Stronghold in the immediate enemy territory, protected initially only by 2 trebuchets. There’s a central Tower for air unit recruitment, and a Hideout on either side to bring Riflemen and Thieves into the mix. We played this map local multiplayer, but the creator warns against trying out vs AI, which might start destroying its own Stronghold keep walls! Hopefully, the creator makes a v2 of this map to fix this.

2. A Call to the Faithful by CannibalRed1 – Code: PEZXSYPX

Another first-time custom mapmaker, this is a cool 1 player, with 2 allied AIs (Floran & Heavensong) vs the Felheim forces. The map has fog of war activated but supplies you with 2 battlepups initially to scout ahead. It’s a big map, so you’ll need to carefully plan your movements, and consider whether it’s always best to run to your allies’ rescue or save your own skin!

3. Dogball by Munrock – Code: QZEGHP4U

Ever thought to yourself, ‘you know what Wargroove’s missing? Weird football.‘ Yes? Then this is the custom map for you! This 1v1 mode challenges you with scoring points by getting the pup into the opponent’s goal, by any means possible… Don’t worry – the dog doesn’t take any damage! You start every turn with the dog under your opponent’s control, so you’ll need to tap it to bring it back onto your team and drive it towards the goal. Wulfar is definitely your star player, so make use of his Tee Off groove to lob the dog from the half-way line!

That’s all for today. If you’re making maps at the moment, do submit your wonderful designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the Community Choice Award winner next time! (Sorry, I forgot for this one – but am self-crowing Dogball!) And if you’re just in it for the map fodder, don’t forget to vote for your favourite.

Have fun all!

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