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Role Call

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all as excited for the release of Wargroove next week as we are! Today I wanted to list Wargroove‘s voice cast, who have helped bring our commanders and characters to life with battle shouts and cutscene cries! It’s been such a great experience working with all these talented actors and they’ve brought so much to the project.

Tamara Fritz as Mercia
Tamara Fritz is known for her role as Eudico in Warframe‘s Fortuna expansion and has also worked on games like My Time at Portia and Heroes of Newerth.
Website Twitter

Jason Marnocha as Emeric
Jason Marnocha has provided the voice for an array of characters in animated media, Indie games and anime. He’s voiced Megatron in the Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy, Aurelius in The Wizards VR, Levant in Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs, Keicho Nijimura in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Amadeus Guildenstern in Never Stop Sneakin’, the Demon King in Seven Deadly Sins, Coach Nanbu in Megalo Box among others.


Sean Chiplock as Valder, Greenfinger Sedge
Sean Chiplock has been an avid participant in videogame culture ever since his childhood, so it’s no surprise that he enjoys performing for them just as much as he enjoys playing them. From Freedom Planet to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, his vocal adventures have taken him both on and off-planet – although none have been anywhere near as confusing or dangerous as California highway traffic.

Kimlinh Tran as Ragna
Kimlinh Tran is a voice actress based in Southern California who specializes in character voiceover and creature vocal effects, and occasionally assisting in casting for video games. Some of her more well-known roles are Snip & Clip in Nintendo’s Snipperclips, Fidget in Dust: An Elysian Tail, Ms. Fortune & Robo-Fortune in Skullgirls, and Valt Aoi in Beyblade Burst Turbo.

Elsie Lovelock as Sigrid & Nuru
Elsie Lovelock is a British singer and voice actress primarily known for her strong singing voice and versatile character voice-over range. Some of her roles include the theme song singer for the game Never Stop Sneakin’ on the Nintendo Switch, the singing voice of Charlie in animator VivziePop’s series Hazbin Hotel, and Tracer
in RoosterTeeth’s Death Battle series. She has voiced for YouTube channels such as Team Four Star and Aphmau, and will also be voicing in the upcoming games including PAYDAY: Crime War and Starstruck.

Dawn M. Bennett as Tenri
Dawn M. Bennett is a Dallas-based voice actress who has worked with FUNimation, Rooster Teeth, OkraTron 5000, ScrewAttack, GalaxyTrail, and now Chucklefish Games! Dawn can be heard in anime such as Dragon Ball Super as Kale & Kefla, Fairy Tail as Frosch, Black Clover as Sister Lily, Yuri!!! on Ice as Isabella Yang, Attack On Titan as Frieda Reiss, and My Hero Academia as Setsuna Tokage. She can also be heard in video games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, SMITE and Freedom Planet.

Aleks Le as Ryota
Aleks Le is an LA-based actor, known for his voice-over work in video games and English dubs of Japanese anime. His most notable roles are Dahar in Laws of the Universe Part 1, Alexis Doucet in Grancrest Wars, and Nightmarionne in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Ultimate Custom Night.


Amber Lee Connors as Koji
Amber Lee Connors is a voice actress who has played roles such as Nozomi in Keijo!!!!!!!!, Ms. Joke in My Hero Academia, Brandish in Fairy Tail, Toy Chica in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Ultimate Custom Night and Vernal in RWBY.


Featuring David Dixon
David has been voice acting for over 13 years. He has appeared in indie games such as Dust: An Elysian Tail as Blop, Echoes of the Fey as Heremon ir-Caldy, Battle Chef Brigade as Thrash, The Journey Down as Kito and you can currently hear him in the trailer for Battery Jam on the Nintendo Switch.


Featuring Rachael Messer
Rachael Messer has voiced over 300 video game characters and works in Anime for FUNImation & Sentai Filmworks. Some of the Games she’s been in are Smite, Warframe, Paladins & System Shock. Anime she’s been in include Black Clover, Tokyo Ghoul Re, My Hero Academia, Princess Principal and more.
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Wargroove launches February 1st!

Wargroove is almost here!

It’s been a long time coming, and after several delays (typical Chucklefish) we’re proud to announce that Wargroove will be available on February 1st on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, priced at £15.99 / $19.99 / 16.99€, and playable in 10 languages – with PS4 and news of the release date coming soon.

You can even pre-purchase (and pre-download) Wargroove on Nintendo Switch right now!

Wargroove has grown substantially since it was first announced and has become a massive, fully featured package that we hope you’ll love. Take a look below at the Cinematic Trailer we revealed in today’s Nintendo Indie Highlights Showcase, featuring an incredible animation from The Line and keep an eye out for the release trailer dropping on February 1st.

Everyone at Chucklefish is truly humbled by the support we’ve received throughout the development of Wargroove, and the encouragement to keep going until we were truly happy with the game. Wargroove is Chucklefish’s second in-house project and with the quality of its art, sound and technical achievements we’ve also seen our own progress as developers reflected in its outcome. We’ve come to realise that for a game to succeed it can’t be anything less than a labour of love. We hope Wargroove will challenge and delight you in equal measure.

As we see out the final days before release, join us on our discord server and hang out with the dev team! We’ll also be scheduling some livestreams in the run-up to launch, so keep your eyes peeled

Don’t forget – you can wishlist the game on Steam and pre-purchase the game and pre-download on Nintendo Switch today!

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Music Spotlight – Wild Flower

G’day folks!

Today’s song belongs to the Floran’s talented and most playful commander, Nuru. She may seem familiar to those of you who have played our first game, Starbound. Even among the Floran, her talents as a warrior are exceptional, so we really wanted her tenacious energy to come through in her track. As usual, Phonetic Hero has delivered on that vision with his usual skill and quality.

At this point, we’ve released all but one of the remaining factions’ tracks, so our soundtrack playlist over on the Chucklefish Youtube channel is sounding pretty good right now! With Wargroove’s Q1 release on the horizon, you can expect to hear the last of these tracks soon!

In another bit of fun news, our friends at Grasshopper Manufacture are releasing their new game, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes tomorrow! Not only is it from the mad mind of the fantastic Suda51 of Grasshopper Manufacture, but it allows for some fun player customization with tee shirts devoted to a whole bunch of indie games. If you squint hard enough you might notice a familiar someone from Wargroove making her digital tee shirt debut!

Don’t forget you can now wishlist Wargroove on Steam and take part in our Faction Quiz to find out where your allegiance lies on our updated website. Let us know your faction result!

Until next time!

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Speaking your language!

Hello everyone!

And hello Q1 2019 (eek!). It’s an exciting time here, with the team gearing up for Wargroove’s launch. I know you’re all excited to find out the exact release date, so expect more details on that very soon!

In the meanwhile, today we have a quick update on localisation. In our mega end of December blog post we announced that Wargroove will be playable in English, GermanSpanishFrench, Italian,  Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese!

We can now confirm that these languages are now complete, and will be available at launch – woo hoo!

Here’s a little teaser gif to see the localisation in action…

Wargroove’s localisation is being done by the fantastic team at Shloc, who some of you may recognise for their work on some of the team’s favourite recent games, such as the Dragon Quest series, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, The Last Guardian and Yokai Watch! We’re really pleased to be working with them, and can’t wait for you to get hands-on with the localised game soon.

It’s also worth saying that while these are all of the languages planned for initial release, we may look at adding more further down the line following player feedback, and of course depending on how the launch goes!

That’s it for now, if you haven’t already don’t forget to wishlist Wargroove on Steam and make sure to take part in our quiz to find out which faction you should pledge allegiance to ahead of the launch. We do love getting tweets with your results and seeing how many of you are necromancy-loving members of the Felheim Legion!

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Music Spotlight – Mechanist Prince

G’day guys and gals!

It’s that time again where I get to share another song created by the talented Phonetic Hero! Today’s track belongs to the Heavensong Empire’s child prodigy and heir to the throne, Koji, who wields his giant mechanised puppet Tenko in battle with surprising agility.

If this track pulled at your heartstrings, you may be interested to know that many more songs from the Wargroove soundtrack are available for listening on the Chucklefish YouTube channel!

Be sure to come back next week to hear yet another of Phonetic Hero’s brilliant tracks as we ramp up to Wargroove’s Q1 release!

Don’t forget you can now wishlist Wargroove on Steam and take part in our Faction Quiz to find out where your allegiance lies on our updated website. Let us know your faction result!

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Music Spotlight – Fell Saviour

Hello everybody and happy 2019!

With the recent addition of our store page, new website and gameplay trailer, there’s been a lot of excitement buzzing around the Chucklefish office and I thought I’d start delivering on my promise of releasing more of Phonetic Hero‘s fantastic music. Today’s track belongs to the wielder of the Fell Gauntlet and Felheim’s ruler, Valder. If you listen closely, you may notice that the vibe is just a teensy bit more serious than Caesar’s Bounding Joy from last month. The drums pound with such force that it may just raise the dead!

If you’re dying to hear more, the rest of the currently-released tracks are available on our soundtrack playlist over on the Chucklefish YouTube channel!

Be sure to come back next week to hear another of Phonetic Hero’s stellar productions as we ramp up to Wargroove’s Q1 release!

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New Website & Steam Page Live!

Hello everyone!

Happy Winter Solstice to you all! Today we’re excited to share our brand new Wargroove website and Steam ‘Coming Soon’ page, so you can start wishlisting straight away to get notified when the game launches! Woo hoo!

The team here has been working super hard in the run-up to the holidays, with the Q1 2019 launch window creeping up fast, so we’re happy to share some cool new things with you:

New Gameplay Trailer!

With our Steam page comes a new gameplay trailer, which showcases some updated footage of battle scenes, groove animations, animated cut-scenes, naval combat, the overworld map, as well as some map editor scenes! You can even spot a rather glorious Floran ‘Bloom Dragon‘ at the end, which some of you may not have seen in action before.

New (digital) Box Art!

You may recognise a few familiar faces in the awesome new artwork we’re using for our storefronts. There are a few different versions of the box art depending on where it’s used, including a squarer format with Valder towering over the other Commanders rather menacingly. We’re really happy with how it has come together, and hope you like it too!

Which Wargroove Faction Are You?

We wanted to include something fun for the community ahead of the launch Q1 next year, so have created a Faction Quiz on our new website, where you can answer a series of questions to discover where your allegiance truly lies. Here you can also learn more about the Cherrystone Kingdom, Heavensong Empire, Felheim Legion and Floran Tribes. You may even spot some splendid new background art while you’re at it!

After you’ve completed the quiz, you can share your results directly to Twitter and Facebook, or let us know your faction in the Wargroove Discord. Unless of course you get Felheim, in which case you may want to keep that one to yourself…

Game Localisations!

We know many of you have been eager to find out what languages Wargroove will be available to play in when it launches, and now that localisations are fully underway we’re happy to confirm the game will be playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese as well as Traditional & Simplified Chinese.

We’re really hoping these languages will be available at launch, but as they’re still undergoing translation work please keep in mind we won’t be able to confirm exactly when they’ll be available until closer to the release. Rest assured though, they’re in the works! In terms of any other languages, we’re not ruling out further localisation at this point, but this is what is planned for the time being.

Thanks as always for all of the support and patience while we’ve been putting the final pieces of the game in place this year. From the whole team at Chucklefish, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year. Here’s to an exciting 2019!

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Music Spotlight – Bounding Joy

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great December so far! Ever since we introduced Caesar back in June, he’s garnered more than a little bit of interest. For us, Caesar embodies the absolute best qualities of a dog, and is majestic in doing so to boot; so we wanted his theme to equally deliver on his unique blend of joyous majesty. As usual, Phonetic Hero rose to the occasion in spectacular fashion, and today it’s my pleasure to share the canine commander’s track with you right here!

As usual, I’ve added this song to the growing playlist for Wargroove’s soundtrack. If this is your first time hearing any of it, definitely check the rest of it out! Phonetic Hero has proven to be a phenomenal talent that we’re really glad to have gotten on board for this project. He’s just wrapped up his work on the soundtrack, so I’m hoping to share more of these tracks with a bit more frequency as we roll into the new year!

Thanks so much for joining me for this music spotlight! I’ll see you fine folks next time!

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That’s a real head-scratcher!

Hey guys!
I’m here today to show you how Wargroove’s Puzzle Mode works, with plenty of visual aids! We wanted to get players thinking about the game a little differently by presenting them with a scenario where they only have one turn to win. Typically the objective is to win by defeating the enemy commander or by destroying their stronghold; however some puzzles change it up and require you to rescue a villager from dangerous situations instead. All of these puzzles are geared to test your understanding of the game’s mechanics and the various strengths and weaknesses of the units, with complexity increasing as you progress through them.

To give you a clearer idea, I’m going to break down one of the very early, relatively simple puzzles for you fine folks, showing step-by-step how it can be completed.

In the scenario above, we’re in control of Ragna and her forces. We can see that this puzzle has both an enemy commander and a stronghold surrounded by various infantry. You only need to take down one of them in order to win, so typically you want to pick one to focus on. In this case, we’re going after the stronghold, as we have determined that we do not have enough damage to take out the enemy commander in just one turn.

At first glance, Ragna is too far to reach the stronghold or any of the units around it. However in this challenge, Ragna has her groove charged – as indicated by the blue aura – and is able to use Shield Jump to launch a devastating area-of-effect attack that damages all units and structures in the area. Given that our goal is going to require clearing those infantry from around the stronghold, this is a strong first move.

A constant of Puzzle Mode is examining what targets or actions are available to each of your units, as the order you perform your moves can be critically important. Considering our goal is to take down the stronghold, we’d want to be looking at which of these units is best equipped to damage the structure.

We have a knight that, if provided with a clear route, is capable of landing a critical hit on the stronghold, dealing a significant amount of damage. With that consideration in mind, we probably don’t want to be using it to clear out the already-weakened infantry. Our blue mage doesn’t do quite enough damage to the wounded enemy mage to kill it, however we can use it to finish off the soldier on the left! This opens up the way for our archer to move forward and take out the mage that is blocking our Knight.

With the mage cleared, our knight is able to charge in and land a devastating critical hit. There’s only one enemy soldier blocking the way at this point, and both of our remaining units can kill it. With the realisation that our soldier can’t reach the stronghold, but the spearman can if the way is cleared, we have our soldier take out the weakened enemy soldier. This allows our spearman to swoop in and deliver the finishing blow to the severely-weakened stronghold! With that, we’ve completed the puzzle!

Hopefully this has helped you to get a general idea of what Puzzle Mode is all about. The game will be shipping with a whole bunch of puzzles, and you’ll even be able to create and share your own with our included map editor. By default, new puzzle maps will use the standard objectives of defeating the commander or destroying the stronghold, but you can make these challenge objectives into whatever you’d like using the robust event editor. The only requirement for it to be a valid puzzle map is that it has to be beatable in one turn!

I’ve had a lot of fun building these and coming up with scenarios that demand you make the absolute most of all the abilities available to you, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of wild puzzle maps you guys come up with! I leave you now with a glimpse of one of the much later puzzles, so you can get an idea for just how much the complexity can escalate!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Puzzle Mode, so come join us on the Wargroove Discord channel to chat to the Chucklefish team, or check in at the forumsWargroove Twitter or the subreddit to keep up to date with all of the latest news. Bye for now!

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Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Happy Halloween all!
As an undead Felheim soldier may or may not have once said, if you’ve got it – haunt it. That’s why we’re going to quickly talk about all things hexing and healing in Wargroove!

Our two magical units, Mages and Witches, now both have a new action they can take on their individual turns, which you may have spotted in use during our livestream over at the Nintendo Stage during EGX last month. Quick caveat before we get into the nitty, gritty details – keep in mind, final stats may be subject to change before release!

The Mage’s ‘Heal‘ spell costs 300 Gold and allows the Mage to cast a nearby AOE (area of effect) spell that heals units within its small range, for 20% of their own health. This move is handy if you happen to have accumulated some excess funds, and need to support injured units on the front-line.

On the other hand, the Witch’s ‘Hex‘ spell damages all enemy units by 10% within 4 tiles of itself, but also costs 300 Gold. Previously the Witch has exclusively been an ‘anti-air’ unit, handy for chasing down those pesky Dragons, so hexing gives them an extra use if you happen to wipe out all flying units, but still have your Witch gliding about the battlefield.

We’re excited to see how you can use hexing and healing to turn the battle in your favour when Wargroove arrives Q1 next year! In the meanwhile, come join us on the Wargroove Discord channel to chat to the Chucklefish team, or check in at the forums, Wargroove Twitter or the subreddit to keep up to date with the latest news.

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