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Community Maps Spotlight #14

Hello everyone!

The seasons are changing, we thought we’d try to grab onto some of that summer sunshine and heat with custom Desert maps! We’ve asked the community to create, submit, and vote on their favorites.

Let’s check them out!

1. Battle for the Ruined Oasis by Nathan – Code: APRBYEGW

This wasn’t actually submitted, but a community map we found browsing the map editor! It’s a simple symmetrical map, with a center section which splits the map. Fog of war adds another layer of strategy to this 2 player tussle.

2. Income War V2.0 by VALAZ45 – Code: ZKYGA4E7

An older community map with a unique control style! Each player has a villager on the right side of the map. They take turns and move their villager to an arrow tile to spend money and purchase units. Then the player bought units have a turn on the battle field where they’re controlled by the AI. This map makes what units you purchase extra important, since the actual field movement is being done by the game not the player.

3. Urban Development V1.1 by TheHauntedLibrary – Code: 2JETJHEQ

The community choice winner for this theme is TheHauntedLibrary with their map titled ‘Urban Development’. In this balanced 2 player map severe weather limits ranged ground units effectiveness. The twist is that each village captured becomes a stronghold, so as each player expands they’ll add increasing points of vulnerability.

That’s it for this spotlight.

We’ve also got some very exciting news we’ll be sharing soon, for now we’ll leave you wondering…who could this be?

Till next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #13

Hello everyone!

We had some really cool entries for this theme from players participating in the public Modding Beta. Some have codes (if the mods are vanilla compatible) but others don’t – we’ve included links to all the mods used if you see something you’d like to try out yourself!

For details on how to join and test the modding beta check out the blog post.

Let’s get into it – here are the maps!

1. Vulcanic Lair by DasIrrlicht – Code: VZWZN4HQ

Mods used : Expanded Terrain (nexusmods)
In this map you’ll need use a Heavensong commander and forces to take the wall and castle and kill the necromancer. Winning requires fighting past the enemies at the choke-points, securing the area and then pressing into the castle itself. If you come too close to the walls, the gates will open in the enemy camp, so be careful where your troops stand…

2. Fractured Isle 1.42 by Unicarn54 – Code: GXPCBAZM

Mods used : Expanded Terrain (nexusmods), Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents (nexusmods)
This is a rotational 1v1 map that integrates land and naval. The Expanded Terrain allows beach bridges and makes flagstone more visible by placing the flagstone underneath roads and by using tricks with flagstone underneath plains tiles. Using Ophelia’s “Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents” mod allowed the creator to place a vine in this skirmish map.

This map can be played with a vanilla client because all assets are vanilla.

3. Med Station Forest by VALAZ45

Mods used : Med Station (nexusmods)
This 4 player map is setup for 2v2 play. The mod used, “Med Station”, adds a new building which heals any units placed nearby it. Because this mod includes new custom assets it’s only available to play in the modding beta branch right now.

4. Gold Rush by Ekudeht

Mods used : Age of Wargroove (nexusmods)
The community choice winner for this theme is Ekudeht with their map titled ‘Gold Rush’. It features a mod called ‘Age of Wargroove’ which adjusts gameplay to more closely mirror Age of Empires or Warcraft. It features modified rules, commander equipment, villagers who can mine gold, and shops which restock every 5 turns.

That’s it for this spotlight. If you’re making desert maps this week, make sure to submit your designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the Community Choice Award winner next time! Don’t forget to upvote your favorite!

Till next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #12

Happy Friday everyone!

Another exciting week for Wargroove! Players were finally able to start testing the much-awaited Modding Beta. We’ll be testing it for a bit in the beta branch to ensure there are no issues, so feel free to opt in if you’re curious and want to make some custom content!

For all the details be sure to check out the recent modding beta blog post.

Onto the maps!! We’ve got some good ones this week!

1. Tenri the Dog Catcher by Xer – Code: JKSUW373

In this unconventional battle players use Tenri’s groove to move a wagon and pickup stray dogs. After rounding dogs up they must be placed in a safe tower. This map uses some really creative groove mechanics and unit positioning – and who doesn’t love more dogs!!

2. The Island 1.4 by Val-Vador – Code: UZZTZ9B4

The Island is a map designed for 2v2 team play. It has a mix of air, land, and naval resources – so players must work together to coordinate against their opponents team!

3. Alpine Assault by bengui – Code: L9NE4XKS

Another symmetrical map – this one is called Alpine Assault and designed for 1v1. It requires a players recruit a variety of units in order to effectively take control of the map.

Finally, our Community Choice Award winner, as voted by players on the Wargroove subreddit:

Community Choice Award: TinyGroove Campaign v7 by ‘Derek’ – Code: ASJMUHB7

TinyGroove is an entire campaign, where the maps get increasingly larger as you progress as Dark Mercia in an alternate version of Aurania. Initially maps start off quite small! The campaign developer has published seven updates so far, and maintains a wiki to outline all the details and changes made to it! There are dozens of super detailed maps to play, side quests, unit upgrades, 15 commanders to recruit, and 30 unique achievements – this one can really take up some play time!

We’d featured this campaign a few months ago in Community Spotlight #8, but there’s been some big improvements since then! If you enjoyed it before you might want to give the newest version a look!

That’s it for today. If you’re making maps this weekend, make sure to submit your designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the Community Choice Award winner next time! For the next spotlight we’re asking for community made maps which have been modded using the creation tools in the new beta. Even if you’re not playing the beta, it’ll be a great way to see some new content players have created and injected into the game – don’t forget to upvote your favorite!

Have a great weekend!

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Community Maps Spotlight #11

Happy Friday all!

What an exciting week it’s been. We had the launch of the PlayStation 4 version on Tuesday, and also discussed a bit more about what you can expect from future updates of Wargroove, including a sneak peak of the new map editor tool ‘gizmos’ in action!

There’s still plenty more to reveal this year, including the brand new content we currently have in development, as well as something else… But more on that soon!

Before we start, our congratulations goes out to Red-Jams, the winner of the community-run Groove of War tournament! The Grand Finals took place on Thursday night, with Red-James vs Vitto, streamed on Twitch by host GimbleB. A big thanks goes to the Groove of War tournament organiser team who did a fantastic job of running the sessions. If you’d like to find out more about competitive play or get involved ready for the next tournament, feel free to join the Groove of War Discord.

Alright, on with the maps!

1. Forgotten Island by MeowMeow – Code: R7FVVNXQ

This nicely arranged island archipelago map is designed for 1v1 play, connected by numerous bridges and book-ended by two Towers to support both ground and air unit play. We liked its simplistic design, based around a smaller map size to encourage fast play. The creator recommends trying out recruiting a few Balloons for easier movement around across the stretches of water.

2. Obstacle One by Bust Baby – Code: XTV6NV47

This puzzle map by Bust Baby is a great brain-teaser, with some false leads to try and coax you to down the wrong road.  Having some units (the Knight, Wagon and Spearman) locked behind gates poses an extra challenge that you’ll need to resolve in order to take out Emeric in just one turn! Remember to use those crits and your Groove to your advantage…

3. Hyper Arcade – Outlaws by Eevee – Code: HZ6672C9

We love playing through quirky custom campaigns – especially those with a sprinkling of humour! The story of Hyper Arcade introduces a rather unique Commander, Steve the Outlaw, an Archer who has gone up in the world, netting himself his very own Groove called ‘Revolution’, which allows him to take control of adjacent enemy structures and puts all friendly structures back to 100% health. Each level plays out Arcade style, where you fight against a different main story Commander, using Steve’s Groove to steer you to victory. A lot of love and effort has gone into making this one, so be sure to check it out!

Last but not least, our first Community Choice Award winner, as voted by players on the Wargroove subreddit:

Community Choice Award: Life in 19×19 v1.5 by Fadedsun – Code: DY6YWXV2

Life in 19×19 is a straight-forward skirmash map designed for 1v1 competitive play. Creator Fadedsun created the map with the intention of designing a battlefield where Wargroove players new to the competitive scene could learn more about PvP. User Red-Halo from the Groove of War tournament community also recommended Life in 19×19, describing it as “really popular map in competitive play” and that the design allows reasonably quick play to boot!

That’s all we have for today. If you’re making maps this weekend, do submit your wonderful designs on this thread via the Wargroove subreddit for the chance to be crowned the Community Choice Award winner next time! And if you’re just in it for the map fodder, don’t forget to vote for your favourite.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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Community Maps Spotlight #10

Hey everyone!

The PS4 launch is inching ever closer (release date to be revealed soon!), and we’ve got plenty of other Wargroove news on the way too, including a date for PC mod support, future content plans for all platforms and some other exciting surprises… In the meanwhile, the community-run Groove of War tournament is also still ongoing, and you can get involved and watch matches via GimbleB who has kindly been streaming battles live on Twitch!

Since we’re now on our 10th edition of this series, and with more community members on the way alongside the PS4 release, we want to shake things up a bit and involve you more, by giving you the power to decide which maps should be featured. Next spotlight we’ll be adding a special ‘Community Choice Award‘, where you’ll have the chance to vote and celebrate one map you think deserves some attention each Spotlight. To submit a map, just head over to the Wargroove subreddit and post on a comment on this thread with your map code, a short description and ideally a link to a screenshot. To vote, playtest the maps submitted and upvote your favourite!

Now, on with the maps!

1. Madea & the Six Guardians by Jev – Code: 2MBTDTXF

Jev has put a huge amount of work (and 200 hours according to their Reddit post!) into this full-length, 18 stage campaign, which sees you using forest spirits to vanquish your foes and eventually take on 6 guardian boss fights. The forest spirits you’ll fight alongside have an interesting gameplay quirk, where once killed they’ll return to the shrine of the villages you’ve captured – but you’ll need to watch out as your undead enemies will do the same. If you’re smart about it, you can block enemies from respawning by standing in the way of their shrine!

2. Mind of Caterina by Rule 34 – Code: C3ECNBS6

Take on this symmetrical sandy fortress and pit yourself against 3 friends, with a rush to the centre to take control of the Tower. Once you’ve claimed the central Tower you can start your path to total destruction by spawning air units to pick off your foes one by one. While Player 1 of course has the first move advantage, the extra units provided to Players 2-4 at the start of the battle to balance things out give you the opportunity to overpower and take back control of the Tower.

3. Pincer Lane 2.0 by Sikey – Code: GCW9576Z

If you’re looking for a 4 player free-for-all map that really turns up the heat and requires your full attention, then walk this way towards Sikey’s new and improved Pincer Lane. Scattered across a very long and thin stretching grassy plains, players situated in the middle of the map will need to protect their structures and units from enemy attack on both sides, and weigh up the pros and cons of sending your units forth to engage in battle. We love how this map really makes you think about where you spend your resources and plan your strategy accordingly.

4. Double Event by Best Sakuya NA – Code: CR8S783D

We do love seeing our pixel art decorations go to good use, and Sakuya’s maps definitely deliver on that! This symmetrical 2 player map is a fun bout in the desert sands, split by small sections of water tiles which you’ll need to plan some short ferry rides for accordingly. Grab a friend and give this map a go!

That’s all for this time. Remember that mapmakers can submit their creations here for the chance to be bestowed a Community Choice Award by your fellow Wargroove players.

Until next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #9

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re starting off the week strong with another look at our favourite community-made maps. It’s a great time to get into map creation, with Wargroove currently 33% off in the Steam Summer sale (complete with some nice Steam Grand Prix rewards for playing), and the community-run Groove of War tournament ongoing! The 3rd edition of the tournament kicked off 3 weeks ago, and is now down to the final 8 players – so congratulations to Vitto, Vyte, RedJams, Deliscore, shoe, Ash, Linx, and Luis07! Members of the Groove of War community, as well as the team here at Chucklefish will be donating prizes to the winners, so do check in on the match streams as the final battles start heating up…

On with the maps!

1. stop the end. by A Ghost of Mango – Code: 4EA6XT9Q

This delightful scenario map from A Ghost of Mango gives you precisely 20 days (that’s 20 turns) to stop the end of the world happening, by destroying the enemy base. But even with your army of ground units, it won’t be quite so simple as enemy Commander Valder has a few tricks up his sleeve, such as a Fellbat, some well-positioned trebuchets and even two ominous looking corridors adorned with skulls, hiding a nasty trap…

2. Struggle Within the Walls by Chaos – Code: RAT8WH45

If you’re on the look-out for another 4-player chaotic scuffle, Struggle Within the Walls is a good option to try out. The map has a nice castle-keep design, with just one lone Tower structure in the centre. It’s a race towards the middle, with several gates to crash through on the way, and plenty of structures to capture for good measure. While there are some slightly frustratingly placed Barracks, this map is definitely worth a go.

3. Oasis Fortress by bengui – Code: T2T34ZEV

I’m always drawn to desert maps – they just look so darn inviting when they’re nicely decorated with plenty of hardy flora, sand-buried walls and small refreshing pools of water. Oasis Fortress is not only an interesting battlefield layout, but it’s also a fun symmetrical 1v1 map, designed by bengui with competitive play in mind. We charged straight for the centre with this one to station some ranged units around the middle Barracks.

4. Puzzle Quest World 2 (demo) by Chocos Ramabotti – Code: 5HD5ZPXW

If you’re in need of a bit of a brainteaser this week, look no further than Chocos’ Puzzle Quest World, a lengthy campaign comprised of a series of challenging one-turn-to-win puzzles. As you progress with each round the harder the puzzles get! There’s some nice intro screens too before each challenge to help break up this campaign of conundrums.

That’s it for now. We’ll be on the look-out for more awesome maps in the next edition of the Spotlight. If you enjoy playing any community-made maps don’t forget to rate them by going to the in-game ‘Share’ tab, and then selecting a map from your ‘Downloaded’ list. You can also downvote maps you wouldn’t recommend and report any which need reviewed by selecting ‘More Info’ and then ‘Report’.

Until next time!

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Community Maps Spotlight #8

Hi everyone!

We’re fresh from E3, and what an exciting show it was for us! Last Monday we showed off a new Starmancer trailer at the PC Gaming Show, so do say a big congratulations to the lovely development team at Ominux Games, and hit wishlist on the Starmancer Steam page. We know a lot of you are waiting to hear more Wargroove news on the PS4 version, PC modding and what’s next for the game, so we hope to share that with you as soon as we’re able to.

Last time on Community Maps Spotlight we challenged you to design and share your very own forest biome themed maps, to celebrate the Starbound’s 1.4 Bounty Hunter update which launched last week (wahoo!). Some of you may not know that Wargroove and Starbound actually take place within the same universe. Wargroove is actually set after Starbound, although the humans and Floran on Wargroove’s planet don’t seem to have any knowledge of the events of Starbound – except from Nuru of course.

On with the maps!

1. Sea Vs Air v1.2 by Sikey – Code: TGCR4B4K

Symmetrical maps are usually pretty popular within the community, which is why we’re always pretty excited to try out a competitive asymmetrical Wargroove map. This one by Sikey is inspired by Advance War 2’s Navy vs Air map and is a fun skirmish to gain dominance. The creator recommends playing as Emeric vs Valder or Sigrid when you’re selecting Commanders, so you may want to keep that in mind!

2. TinyGroove Campaign v5 by Derek – Code: SLHK8ASC

If you’re a fan of tiny maps and are keen for more content, TinyGroove by user Derek has you covered. The campaign story is set in an alternate, dark version of Aurania (which looks oddly familiar to Arthuria…) and has you playing as Dark Mercia. It contains a whopping 20 missions, consisting of 10x main and 10x side-challenges, each with Fog of War enabled. We especially love the Floran forest map (Chapter 5, Mission 1) set in the ‘Channelwood’, featuring Nuru, Sedge and Greenfinger. The visual design of the map itself is really impressive, and with so many triggers and flags built in, we definitely think you should give it a go!

3. Vanilla Island by tst5381 – Code: C6ELC9ZY

We had a great time trying out this fast-paced competitive 1v1 map. While simple in style and small enough for a quick bout against a friend, Vanilla Island provides a good mix of Ground unit based play, as well as the opportunity to recruit some Air and Sea units to mix up the play too. Great work!

4. Summoners of Moosecreek by Ulysse – Code: KGZH2EFZ

It’s always fun to see the creative ways players utilise our mischievous Floran Commander Nuru, and Summoners of Moosecreek is no exception! This 1v1 map limits you to only deploying units by using Nuru’s Teleport Beam groove – but don’t worry, the groove meter is set to always be at 100%. This means you can only recruit one unit per turn, but instead you have the advantage that units are immediately active for battle. You can’t use the Barracks, Port or Tower as you would usually, but by taking control of these structures you can increase the different types of units at your disposal. Ulysse has created a map which really makes you carefully consider every unit you spawn, so make sure to check it out if you’re looking for something new!

Thanks to everyone who submitted maps for this challenge. There’s no set theme for next time, so get creating and sharing your new maps and campaigns in time for the next Spotlight. As always, do check the in-game Custom Content section for new community-made content, as well as the Wargroove subreddit and Wargroove Discord! Bye for now.

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Community Maps Spotlight #7

Happy Friday everyone!

Before we get started, those of you in Japan may be pleased to hear that Wargroove will be at this year’s BitSummit in Kyoto on 1st – 2nd June. You’ll find Wargroove (and Stardew Valley!) at Nintendo’s Indie World stand, so do pop by and play if you’re going to the show.

While this Maps Spotlight had no theme requirements, next time we’d like to set another map design challenge! As many of you know, we’re soon to be launching Starbound’s 1.4 update, where players will be able to take on the role of an intergalactic bounty hunter. Since Wargroove’s Floran (as well as our quick-witted Commander Nuru) originally appeared as a playable race in Starbound, what better way to celebrate the upcoming 1.4 update than to create some luscious forest biome themed maps, with maybe even a bonus cutscene featuring the Floran Tribes or Nuru in particular!

To make sure we spot your map when we come to selecting the Community Maps Spotlight #8, make sure to post your creation to the Wargroove subreddit using the ‘maps’ flair, or drop them in the Custom Content channel on the Wargroove Discord before June 14th (you get an extra week this time while I’m away).

Now, on with the maps!

1. Legend of the Mirror Pool by Lyle – Code: X5TNNX22

We’ve been sharing a lot of competitive multiplayer maps lately, so here’s a cool single player campaign worth checking out! Lyle has created a fun, non-linear Commander collect-a-thon, which follows the story of Mercia and Emeric’s quest in search of the fabled mirror pool. Legend has it that the pool makes copies of whoever stands before it, so you guessed it, you’re in for a battle against your reflection! To help you on your quest you’ll need to get help from other ally Commanders, who you can recruit along the way to build the ultimate party. A lot of hard work has gone into each level, so give it a go!

2.  After the Flood by Fadedsun – Code: UPGQELWP

Fadedsun is on a bit of a roll. Last time we featured their Port Island Panic map, but we’re equally impressed with this well-executed 1v1 competitive skirmish. Having the terrain split up with swathes of water tiles, and the odd floating bridge adds an interesting dynamic to the battlefield, making you consider your unit movement and best route carefully, using amphibian and flying units to your advantage to move more freely.

3. Burning Sands v2 by Kodama – Code: AML3DSB2

If you have a few friends over (3 to be exact) and are looking for an awesome 4 player scenario map to challenge one another at, this one is absolutely delightful. Burning Sands splits you into 2 teams for a good ol’ fashioned desert brawl. Each day you’ll take damage from having units placed on the harsh desert sand, whereas finding shelter in the cool oasis water dotted around will heal you instead. The aim is to wipe out all enemy units, not just the opposing Commanders. There’s also a rather handy Commander-reviving mountain to the centre which you might need to scramble quickly for.

4. Groovehold – Team Defense by RibbonPen – Code: S69EU6UD

If destroying waves of enemies is your jam, grab 3 friends and team up to take on Groovehold, a great 4 player team defence scenario. Player 1 sets the number of waves (5x waves is a ‘short match’), and jump straight into the phases, looping between Recruitment, where players each have 1250 gold to spend to bolster ally ranks, and then the Battle phase, where you’ll take on hordes of AI outlaws. To win you and your allied Commanders will need to survive each wave, and keep your Stronghold safe and sound!

That’s about it for now. As always, we look forward to seeing what wonders you create for your forest biome / Floran themed maps, so be sure to share your map or campaign before June 14th. If you’re looking for even more community maps, or want to create and share your own strategic masterpieces, you can find them in-game in the Custom Content section, as well as a great selection on the Wargroove subreddit! Until next time.

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Community Maps Spotlight #6

Hey everyone!

Some of the eagle-eyed of you may have already spotted that we had two exciting Wargroove-flavoured tidbits since our last blog entry. On May 2nd we announced that Xbox players can now get access to Wargroove via Xbox Game Pass (Xbox Wire post here!) – we’ve been super pleased with the reaction so far, and are of course excited to welcome more players to the Wargroove community.

Last week we also teased a preview of Wargroove’s modding support for PC, which Programmer Krakauer has been working on lately. The below image is an example test mod of our tiny office dog Tolstoy, flexing his might as a Commander – complete with his own totally-not-Caesar-based portrait.  With the upcoming PC mod support, he could even have his own Groove and new abilities too! We’ll be letting you know closer to the time when you can expect it.

Floran fans may also be interested to hear that our first in-house game, space sandbox Starbound, has a new update (v1.4) on the way. In v1.4 players will be able to take on the role of Bounty Hunters, chasing down wanted galactic criminal gangs and restoring law and order in the universe! There’s also lots of other content to discover including new dungeons, monster variants, new items, furniture pieces and more. If you want to test it out and provide feedback, we have released v1.4 on Starbound’s unstable Steam branch. Please be aware that the update is still in development, and the unstable branch isn’t necessarily representative of the final implementation. Expect some bugs and incomplete content, so back up your saves before playing. You can find more info about the v1.4 update and Starbound in general on our Dev Blog.

Now, on with the maps!

For this Spotlight we tasked you with showing off your best desert biome themed maps, to celebrate the recent release of fellow pixel art strategy game, Pathway, by our friends at Robotality. We’ll go back to random entries for the next Spotlight, but will return to more themed challenges in the future!

1.  Port Island Panic v2.2 by Fadedsun – Code: 8AUM5FQE

I’m a big fan of small PVP maps, which encourage players to get stuck into the heat of the battle as quick as possible. This little skirmish from Fadedsun is a nicely executed battleground, with some skirting deep sea tiles to encourage naval movement/combat around the island, with space for strategic action to kick off on the central island. You’ll need to quickly utilise the ports and barges on this one to recruit and distribute troops swiftly, in order to take control of the sandy mass in the centre.

2. Crossfire 1.2 by Val-Valdor – Code: 3QTZTTQN

Player Val-Valdor uploaded a few clever desert-themed maps recently (Mountain Throne – EP8KW55S &  Income War – ZKYGA4E7 to name a few), but Crossfire is probably our favourite to play. It’s a 2v2 skirmish map which takes place across a wide island connected by tiny bridges. Together with your teammate you’ll need to gradually build up your forces to assert dominance across the sandy plains. You’ll need to watch out for the sandstorms reducing ground unit range in particular though!

3. Turtle Island 2v2 by SGswift – Code: TY3JXHS8

Another 2v2 map, but this time designed for fog of war play. The central island is littered with various structures to capture, so you’ll have to carefully plan out your movement across the map in order to balance recruitment and aggression with income management, together with your allied faction. User SGswift has a number of very pretty map designs, so if you give Turtle Island a go, make sure to click on ‘More from Author’ too and check out their others.

4. Shipwreck Showdown by Pnoir – Code: QFEMX42S

This map by Pnoir has a fun theme around a shipwreck with sunken treasure at the centre, but has a lot of chokepoints and long bridges to contend with! As their first map submission, we thought this was a great initial attempt, and with some balancing tweaks to sort out areas which could be exploited by smart positioning of defensive ranged units, Shipwreck Showdown could be refined into a fun, small rectangular free-for-all!

That’s all for today’s Spotlight. Big thanks to everyone who shared their desert-themed maps. If you’d like to see more community maps, or create and share your own, feel free to peruse the in-game Custom Content section, as well as taking a look over at the Wargroove subreddit (there’s a ‘Map’ flair for easy searching too)!

Until next time.

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Community Maps Spotlight #5

Hello everyone!

Things have been busy at Chucklefish HQ, with lots going on behind-the-scenes. We’re currently working on implementing modding into the PC version, as well as other exciting, secret things! The PS4 version is also still on the way, just taking a little longer than anticipated – thanks for everyone’s patience so far! In the meanwhile we’ve also been addressing minor bugfixes. Nintendo Switch players can now find the latest patch update (v1.2.5), which resolves issues when resigning from matches – full version history for all platforms can be found here.

Community Maps Spotlight #6 – Desert Biome Challenge!

Before we crack on, for the next Maps Spotlight we’ll be setting a specific theme as a map design challenge. To celebrate the launch of fellow pixel art strategy game Pathway by our friends at Robotality we’ll be looking for desert biome themed maps! It doesn’t matter the format, Commanders involved or subject matter, so long as it takes place on some burning hot sand. To make sure we spot your map when we come to selecting the Community Maps Spotlight #6, make sure to post your creation to the Wargroove subreddit using the ‘maps’ flair, or drop them in the Custom Content channel on the Wargroove Discord before May 10th.

Now, on with the maps!

1.  Cells Interlinked 1.1 by Andrew – Code: 94UTH6LD

While we were obviously drawn in by the Blade Runner reference, we stayed for the fast-paced gameplay of this tiny 4 player free-for-all map. You start with your Commander, units and captured buildings divided across different cells, already with your opponents locked in the cell with you. Expect lots of mini battles to erupt all over the map, as you battle your way through gates and extend your reach across each cell. Within cells interlinked…

2.  Night of the Spooky Scary Skeletons by Nanuq – Code: BNCQBZS8

Looking for a longer challenge to play with 2 other friends? Night of the Spooky Scary Skeletons sees you taking on hordes of the undead who have come to wreak havoc on the City of Dawnlight. Surviving the siege will be tough! However the death of an individual Commander does not necessarily eliminate you from the match, although it will weaken morale! You can arm fleeing refugees from Dawnlight by sending them to the highlighted areas in the armoury at no cost. As the allied forces, you’ll need to try and hold the City until the start of turn 41 (eek!) to win, or else lose the legions of the night.

3.  Pacdragon by Dustin – Code: KM7U4P8Q

If you love both Pacman and dragons equally – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – then this is the map for you. Pacdragon is a really fun 1 player scenario map, where you control the Heavensong dragon, gobbling up treasure to win. You’ll need to collect all 11 pieces of treasure scattered about the winding map, avoiding the ‘ghosts’ on your way. To temporarily make the ghosts vulenerable to attack, you’ll need to destroy a Crystal, which turns the ghosts into sweet little Dreadhounds!

4.  Fyre Festival by SummersEve – Code: S6ETYGZY

Now this one really made me chuckle. Based on the events of the notorious Fyre Festival (watch the amazing Netflix documentary!), SummersEve has faithfully recreated some hilarious moments of the supposed world’s hottest party which never happened. Mercia is cast as an influencer, with the first act seeing her take an Uber to the airport, before arriving at Fyre Island to be greeted by Billy McFarland (portrayed perfectly by the Floran Shaman) and the horror of his unfinished campsite, full of soggy tents. One of my favourite moments is the cutscene where Mercia is seen slumped to the floor as the rain pours down, in the sudden realisation that Blink 182 aren’t even coming anymore. Pure poetry.

That’s it for this time! We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your desert biome themed maps, so be sure to submit your marvellous creations before May 10th. If you’d like to check out more community maps, or create and share your own, you can find them in-game in the Custom Content section, as well as a great selection on the Wargroove subreddit!

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